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4 killed in a single-car crash in Johnston County driven by a 17-year-old teenager


In Johnston County, North Carolina, tragedy struck when a 17-year-old driver careened a Kia Soul into a tree at a staggering 104 mph, resulting in the loss of all occupants.

17-year-old Alan Lee Lockamy
17-year-old Alan Lee Lockamy

In the wee hours of the morning (2:39 a.m.), a North Carolina Highway Patrol officer spotted the speeding Kia Soul on North I-95 in Johnston County. Despite attempting to catch up without initiating a traffic stop, the officer lost sight of the vehicle, only to later discover the devastating crash.

Kia Soul crashed on North I-95 in Johnston County
Kia Soul crashed on North I-95 in Johnston County

The young driver, Alan Lee Lockamy of Archer Lodge, was attempting to exit the interstate at Brogden Road when the car collided with trees near the exit ramp. Lockamy and the front passenger were trapped inside, while the two back-seat passengers were ejected from the vehicle, leading to the tragic loss of all four individuals.

According to Lockamy’s grandmother, Kathy Lockamy, the teenager was a typical 17-year-old with a loving circle of friends and family. She expressed her anguish, revealing that she had warned him not to leave the house before the fateful incident.

The identities of the other three victims remain unknown as authorities continue their investigation.


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