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$2M lawsuit filed against N.C. pastor who peed on Detroit woman during Delta flight


Daniel Chalmers, a self-proclaimed North Carolina pastor who pulled an R. Kelly on a Detroit woman by pissing on her during a Delta flight from Las Vegas to Detroit on October 13th has been sued for $2 million.

Alicia Beverly, the victim in this incident attorney Geoffrey Fieger filed the lawsuit Thursday afternoon in Wayne County, Michigan.

In the lawsuit, Beverly is seeking $2 million for severe emotional and mental distress, an inability to experience social pleasures, humiliation, anxiety, and other damages.

The lawsuit was filed against Chalmers personally and his ministry, Love Wins.

Fiegers said Love Wins Ministries hired a pastor who “lacked the appropriate skills and/or knowledge to not urinate on others,” failed to train employees on “how to appropriately interact when flying ensuring that employees neer resort to urinating on others,” and failed to supervise Chalmers or have policies to prevent this kind of behavior. 

Beverly said she and her sister was in the back of the airplane asleep when all of a sudden, she felt something warm on the side of her. When she woke up, it was Chalmers putting his penis back in his pants because he had just finished urinating on her.

The incident report obtained by The North Carolina Beat alleged Chalmers to have claimed he had two drinks before the flight and admitted to taking Ambien.

Chalmers released a statement days after he was exposed as the pissing pastor apologizing for taking the sleep medication but not having alcoholic beverages in his system.

It seems like Chalmers still will not take responsibility for his actions. Hopefully, all of the proceeds and BS he’s doing to get money from the people will go to Beverly if she is awarded this pending lawsuit.


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