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14-year-old white boy tried to drown Black teen and called him ‘George Floyd’ and used racial slurs against him

A 14-year-old boy in Massachusetts is being accused of attempting to drown a black teenager, using racial slurs, and referring to the black teen...

Was Wilmington D.A. Ben David really trying to say the “N-Word”???? I think he was!

Do you have a story the public should know about? If so, send it to gjackson@thencbeat.com Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed Listen, I am not the...

Detention officers removed from guarding Derek Chauvin because they were Black

Do you have a story the public should know about? If so, send it to me at gjackson@thencbeat.com Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed This doesn't make...

Thomas Lane, One of George Floyd’s killers out on $750k bond

Send me your story to gjackson@thencbeat.com Follow me on Twitter @GeraldJBlessed A man who claims he tried to help save George Floyd's life is out on...

George Floyd viewing and memorial service will be held in Raeford this Saturday

A memorial service for George Floyd, whose death during a police encounter more than a week ago has provoked an unprecedented reaction throughout the...

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Mother and her 6-and 2-year-old children found dead inside their Alabama home

Authorities are investigating the death of a mother and...

Baltimore Tech CEO let man who killed her inside apartment building, court documents say

Investigators are claiming that Pava LaPere, a tech CEO...

Court documents say missing Houston stripper was a witness in a capital murder case

Court documents reveal that a Houston stripper who is...

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