Thursday, May 23, 2024

North Carolina DHHS says vaccine will keep you immune for 2 months


While I won’t be taking the COVID-19 vaccination, many of you will, but according to NC DHHS, the Phizer vaccine will keep you immune for only two months. NC DHHS website says they’ll know more about long-term immunity the longer people are vaccinated.

During a press conference Tuesday, Dr. Mandy Cohen, NC DHHS Secretary, says it will be in the Spring before the vaccine will be available to the public.

My best estimate at this point is to say it’s going to be well into the spring before the vaccine is going to be widely available to folks,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, NC DHHS Secretary.

The state will set up a management system called “COVID-19 Vaccine Management System” that will make sure you are safe and that you received your second shot on time.

Once you get your first shot, you will be asked to make an appointment for the second shot and be given a card with information on which vaccine you received to get the second dose of that same shot.

This is going to get complex because we’ll be sending out first doses and second doses as soon as a couple of weeks from now, said Dr. Cohen.

The Moderna vaccine could get approval by an FDA panel Thursday. If that happens, Governor Roy Cooper says 175,000 doses of that vaccine are set to arrive in North Carolina next week.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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