Sunday, May 19, 2024

McDonald’s in Wilmington kick out disabled man 2 minutes before closing, make him go through drive-thru


Social media calls for the termination of whoever is responsible for kicking a disabled man in Wilmington, North Carolina, out of a McDonald’s and making him sit in the drive-thru in his wheelchair Saturday night.

Laila Torress, who posted about the mistreatment on Facebook, says the man pictured below was inside McDonald’s located at 2543 Carolina Beach Rd. two minutes before the lobby closed when he was kicked out and told to go through the drive-thru.


As you can see, the man sat in the drive-thru until he could place his order. DISGUSTING!!!!

If this man was inside the restaurant two minutes before the lobby closed, his order should have been taken. There is no reason for this elderly disabled man to be sitting in a drive-thru like this.

No one from this McDonald’s was available for comment.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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