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‘Hood Uber’ Robbery in Charlotte goes wrong, man goes live on FB after killing robber


Charlotte, North Carolina, known as the ‘Queen City,’ has really turned deadly, and just yesterday, Sunday, March 15, a man went live at the scene where he had just killed a man.

And guess what? No charges will be filed.

According to the trigger man, Carlos, he said he was doing ‘Hood Uber’ near 7000 Delta Lake Lane and while giving a man a ride, the man, 18-year-old Milton Howard, maced and tried to rob him.

Carlos (Shooter)

Rumor has it that Carlos’s pregnant girlfriend was in the car when Howard was trying to rob him. Howard, who had just been killed, literally, by Carlos, could be seen bloody, wobbling, and then collapsing to the ground.

Carlos went live on Facebook with foam around his mouth, saying, “I tried to give him a ride, and he robbed my a*s.”


On Monday, Charlotte homicide detectives said they spent all day Sunday on the scene speaking with eyewitnesses and parties involved in the shooting. Later, they interviewed Carlos, the shooter, and cleared him of the shooting.

No charges will be filed, and the motive is still unknown.

Charlotte is the only city I know where you can kill someone, go live and say they tried to rob you or whatever and get off. Damn.

RIP to the Howard.



  1. Yeah Justice served yet again by the people, SMH some people standing up for the robber, do dumb sh*t win stupid prizes

  2. I don’t believe this story!! I think the Uber Guy Carlos was trying to rob Milton I pray that Milton and his Family can get some justice

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