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Hardee’s in Beulaville closes after employee reportedly test positive for COVID-19, residents worried


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If you’ve ever visited Beulaville, North Carolina, then you know that their Hardee’s located at 120 W Main Street is always busy. But for the last few days, they’ve been closed for business.

It has been reported that the restaurant had an employee test positive for COVID-19 and decided to close its doors for a couple of days. 

The North Carolina Beat spent a few hours in Beulaville Sunday afternoon talking to residents who eat at the restaurant and say they are worried that a lot of customers may have been exposed.

Tichina Marie is one of those customers who say she is worried that she may have been exposed because she had just eaten at the restaurant a day before they closed. 

Marie says she feels like the city should have made the residents of Beulaville aware of the positive case at the restaurant. 

I feel like they should have said something to the community or made us aware because it’s going to be impossible for them to trace back everybody this employee may have had contact with. So, why not let the community as a whole know? That’s where I’m coming from, Marie said.

We were able to make contact with an employee at this location who tells us that they did have an employee test positive and they have closed as a result of that. 

While talking to residents, we went by the store and captured a photo of this on their drive-thru speaker. (Look at the photo below)


The Hardee’s will reopen Tuesday morning. 

This is the information we received that caused us to look further into the closing of this restaurant. (READ POST BELOW)

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