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Fake Pastor turned clout chasing activist confronted, tries to profit off black man’s death in Elizabeth City, NC


A so-called pastor turned clout chaser from Greensboro, North Carolina, was called out by protesters in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, after he was caught talking to an N.C. State Trooper.

Pastor Gregory Drumwright, who spends more time on the road stuck in attorney Benjamin Crump a*s chasing clout than in his pulpit preaching to his two-member church, is under fire for being an alleged sellout and trying to make money off the death of 42-year-old Andrew Brown Jr.

Reverend Gregory Drumwright poses outside of a All Gender Restroom.

You can see the flashy pastor driving city to city in his Maybach, all while charging people $40 in one city and $50 in the next to get on a magic school bus to come to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, to protest the murder of Andrew Brown Jr.

But Word on The Curb is….them hood niccuhs said he better not drive that Maybach in the hood cause they snatching everything, including his receding hairline.

Saturday night, during a protest in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, protesters caught Pastor Gregory Drumwright in the dark talking to an N.C. State Trooper and they had an issue with it. Mainly because some people in the Elizabeth City community have said that leaders they looked up to have made deals with the devil, and they believed Drumwright has now become one of those leaders.

A protester can be heard yelling “Is that Drumwright talking to the state troopa?! Is that Drumwright talking to the state troopa?!” and another protester starts chanting, “Lap dog, lap dog, yeah that’s you,” echoed by the crowd.

As protesters approached the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office where Drumwright was spotted, he shamefully walks over. He tries to explain himself, claiming he was in the parking lot for 45 minutes when the state troopers pulled up.

As he explains, one protester can be heard in the background saying, “this man is charging $50 for a bus ticket for people can come down here over a black death when there are organizations that can pay for a bus.”

I agree with this man. Why are you charging people $40 and $50 to get on a bus no one asked you to get to bring people to a city over a black man’s death? Where is the money going, Dumbwright? It seems like the crook set things up for people to buy something from him rather than them donate because of the “work” he claims he does, which I have never seen.

Isn’t it strange that Dumbwright only offered a bus and charged people to come to HIS event that was this past Sunday, May 2, and protesters have been marching and protesting Andrew Brown’s Jr. death since he was murdered on April 21, 2021? Why didn’t Dumbwright pack a bus earlier on during these protests? It’s because he is a sleazebag money hustler.

One man on social media even called Drumwright the police.

Online social media post suggests that Drumwright is the police.

Watch The Confrontation Below:

You can see Drumwright’s Mayback parked in the video above, and there are no police waiting to escort him from the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office. But on Sunday, May 2, the day of his “Non-Violent Protest” event, it was a CLOUT CHASING moment for Drumwright. This man had a police escort to Enfield Park. For what though? Who are you, Dumbwright? Nobody. You knew people would be at this event, and you wanted them to see your Maybach and you getting out of it looking like a contestant on RuPauls’ Drag Race.

Watch The Police Escort Dumbwright:

People who were at the event said Drumwright even had to make some more money because he had vendors at his feeble rally.

Do you mean to tell me that this man charged vendors to set up at a rally in the name of Andrew Brown Jr, the unarmed black man killed by police to make MONEY??? Unbelievable.

It seems that this man is doing everything he can to make money off black people’s death and is showing the money off in cars, clothing, and expensive bags.

Civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr.Harriet Tubman, Sojourner TruthRosa Parks, W.E.B. Du Bois and Malcolm X didn’t do what they did for money. They did what they did to fight against social injustice. When we talk about them, we remember what they did. When we talk about Drumwright, we hear scammer, fraud, opportunist, liar, and a fake a*s Christian. That’s a bad legacy to have and be remembered as.

This new generation of activism scares me because they are all about clout and money.

Has anyone seen the work Drumwright has done? He says his work has been highlighted on national news networks, but I haven’t seen it. Standing behind Ben Crump and Reverend Al Sharpton at the next stop of a black man killed by police does not highlight the work you have done. What have you done for your local community? How many souls have you led to Christ?

Instead of God getting the glory, Drumwright wants the glory.

While some of you are sending this crook your money, he’s living in a million-dollar home where he’s operating his two-member church. We see more of what he posses than what his organization Justice 4 The Next Generation, has done.

This man is a CROOK!

Drumwright is now asking for people to help him raise $150,000.

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  1. Hello there, I do think your site may be having internet browser compatibility problems. When I take a look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine however, when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping issues. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other than that, great blog!

  2. They asked for facts and you provided nothing but that. Receipt after receipt. More to come. I love to see it. Every false prophet will be revealed

  3. This man has been stealing money from the funds people raise for years and that’s facts look at that car and home he has the question is were do he work

    • Accurate, that’s the question no one can answer. & he’s trained his congregation to follow him without question so they’re too brainwashed to even wonder or see.

      No job for years + big donations = lavish lifestyle???

      They comin for Gerald for not having a college degree but they have a bunch and can’t see that that math doesn’t add up.

      He’s probably telling them what to say in half of these conversations in an late night “emergency dream team meeting” ?

  4. It’s funny how in your bio you state you don’t “shy away from the truth” but this whole article is full of lies. Please make it make sense. Were you in attendance during the planning meetings? How long have you been a member of his church? How long have you known him PERSONALLY to speak with such confidence on his personal life? What’s his middle name? Favorite color? What did he do for his birthday last year since you know soooooo much? It’s sad how easily manipulated people are. You got sound judgement but let this article of nonsense skew your judgement on a man you don’t even know? PIT-UH-FUL!!

      • So are you going to start doing some legitimate research or are you going to let the shackles of ignorance bound you for the rest of your life? Also, which institution did you acquire your journalism degree from?

      • You’re a grown man who chose to write a hate article which received more push back than support, who also thinks that a valid come back is to call a highly educated individual dumb?!… Sir, please find a different hobby because this one clearly isn’t it. ✌?

  5. People please make sure you’re getting your news form degreed professionals, because what Gerald is doing here is criminal

  6. Where was the research from this article? Where are the facts? Were you in attendance of the march? Did you ride the bus? Just another person with internet access speaking mess and calling it facts from an “influencer”… Sir, please have several seats, invest in proper grammar if you’re going to be a “journalist”, and provide some facts the next time that you consider coming for my Pastor. Be blessed Beloved!

  7. This is sad. You wasted your time to tear down Pastor Drumwright. Where is your proof? What have you done for the community? How are you changing things in your own city? How are you lifting up your voice only in slander for those who are actually trying to help. Have you been to your city council meetings to voice your opinion about how the police or the sheriffs need to change their actions? Have you prayed for the family? Have you stood with the family? You’re chasing and focusing on the wrong thing!! God said for my people perish for a lack of knowledge!

  8. This is such an ignorant article. That bus cost $2500 and Rev Drumwright talked about getting a bus. Why should he spend his money?? It’s a shame black people have to fight the white man and the black man at the same time. Why are you concerned about Rev Drumwright’s worldly possessions??? If a person drove from Burlington. NC their own vehicle round-trip you have spent $40-50. Make it make sense. Watch how you slander people. ?

      • God is going to check you. You should watch what you say and what you speak on publicly with false information. You are speaking in plain ignorance. Come with facts  next time and in the mean time you should join the peaceful movement support the cause and educate yourself on what’s going on! Rev Drumwright is leading and doing it well not for himself but for the CommUNITY don’t hate . Appreciate. 

        • Right, bitterness doesn’t look good on you friend. You should get that under control Gerald/Man of Faith.

      • Here I am to check you on your lies. It’s highly unprofessional that for you to attempt to market yourself as a “Journalist, Influencer, Content Creator, and a Man of Faith” can’t respond to those who come to you with logic and facts without calling them a ho and cursing at them. You clearly have work to do beyond your writing and research, and you should look at how you respond to your viewers. Stay blessed beloved.

        • And it’s been said you only what you answer to. No reply to Satan. I said what I said and meant it. We have a First Amendment right but not to abuse and defame character. He messing with heavy hitters and don’t be surprised they don’t serve him with a Civil suit.
          This is a mental enslaved mind.
          I know the Brown Family isn’t pleased. Such a disrespect to the family and black people on a whole.

          • Civil suit? I am definitely not worried about that. LOL! I’m sure he’s waiting for the Brown family to sue, so he can get his cut for not doing nothing but being a FRAUD! 🙂

    • 100% agree Barbara. And just this guy’s reply to you shows his negative character and definitely does not prove his validity because he still did address your comment he deflected. Where are the facts? Just all hate and it breaks my heart.

      • Very heartbreaking and as much as we as black people are going through in these times. White people already see us as 3/4 of a person. This is in no way cute nor acceptable. Defamation of character and slander is Civil. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  9. My spirit told me he was another pimp pastor when I saw him go from Graham NC to stuck up Cromps a*s at all these black murders protest and this accessment is coming from 62 year old real social justice advocate….All pimp pastors please exit the stage to the left

  10. Oh so…You thought Elizabeth City was full of the same kind of docile negroes in Graham NC….You thought they was going to see your flash and flare and fall for it just like they did in Graham NC…Everything that is done in the dark will come to the light. Some of us in Alamance county saw that you only show up when the cameras are rolling. You dont protest without a show to follow you…..Mmmmhmmm Ok Passsa ??????

    • Literally nobody knew about what was happening in Graham until Rev. Drumwright came. What are you even talk about? But hey, I’m sure there will be another march. Just ask him ??‍♂️ or are you just gonna read an article, not even from a reputable source and believe it

    • You are absolutely correct that everything that is done in the dark will come to the light. This article was written in darkness. Your comment stated that you are upset that publicity was brought to injustices that are trying to be covered up?! Make it make sense. It’s also interesting that you insinuated that he only shows up when cameras are rolling when I have sat in meetings with this man who plans these marches, consoles families, and attempts to correct wrongs all without cameras. You should do some more research on his work before writing these comments.

    • I want to know were is he getting all this money from for all these high class items looks like to me someone stealing donations his career of stealing and Molesting underage adults at A&T State University is over with but they want tell that will they

  11. Omg! Gerald I love you! Who do this n***a think he is coming to my city tryna come up. Punk a*s

    • How is someone trying to “come up” by bringing a march to your city to help bring forth justice for a man that was MURDERED? How are you upset that someone who leads a justice organization wanted to come to a city and help bring justice for a wrong doing? You’re upset at the wrong one love. Would it have been better if this was ignored? You should strongly consider what the root of your issue is and address that because it’s clearly not the individual that this article is about.

    • What all have you done in your city to bring awareness? I would LOVE to hear all about your efforts and any organizations you have that are bringing awareness to injustice right now. Feel free to respond with a link of some sort (and not a link of you sharing something on Facebook because we all know that’s not bringing any real change.) I look forward to your response! 🙂

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