Thursday, April 18, 2024

Employee at McDonald’s in St. Pauls, North Carolina test positive for COVID-19, store back open


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McDonald’s located at 921 W Broad St in St. Pauls, North Carolina is back open after an employee test positive for COVID-19.

The Rust Enterprise, INC. owners Lisa and Kenneth Rust sent their team members an email Saturday, April 25 about the one positive case at the location.

In the email, the owners say the employee who tested positive last day at work was April 19 and at the time, the employee was not showing any symptoms. 

We have personally notified all employees who worked in close contact with this employee on April 19 and any shifts up to two weeks prior to April 19, the owners said in their email.

The restaurant closed its doors Saturday at 8 PM and reopened this morning at 5 AM. 

Despite the employee testing positive and all of those who they may have come in contact with, the owners say that they feel comfortable “that both our employees and customers can enjoy McDonald’s safely.”

The email also states that the restaurant takes safety measures such as using gloves, hand sanitizer, frequent hand washing, and using the new plexigla*s shields. 


Gerald Jackson
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