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Drunk off-duty Angier police officer arrested and held without bond for DWI

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A North Carolina police officer who was drunker than a cooter brown Saturday night is in jail without bond after he drove into another lane sideswiping an SUV.

27-year-old Conner Capshaw is charged with DWI by the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Officials say Capshaw was driving his personal truck Saturday around 7:17 p.m. in Willow Spring when he turned at the intersection of Kennebec Road and Edgeleaft Drive sideswiping another vehicle.

The driver of the car Capshaw hit was transported to the hospital with minor back injuries.

Capshaw was arrested by North Carolina Highway Patrol and is being held without bond at the Wake County Detention Center. His court date is set for June 10.

Residents in the area tell The North Carolina Beat that this arrest is KARMA for Capshaw because he has a history of pulling over people for no valid reason and issuing citations. 


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