Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Donald Trump is headed to prison, soon, for now charges are to be announced soon against his family business


Donald Trump, the former President of The United States of America, will have nothing but bad memories in his family’s name as scandal after scandal and now fraud charges against his organization loom at his doorsteps.

What the former president is thinking is something the American people do not care about, because soon Donald Trump will hopefully walk away in cuffs for the crimes he committed as the 45th president of this country.

Prosecutors in New York are gearing up to possibly announce criminal charges against the Trump Organization due to the taxation of lucrative perks that it gave to top executives, such as the use of apartments, cars, and school tuition.

As for now, Donald Trump is not expected to be criminally charged, but this new rising legal issue could bankrupt his company by damaging its relationships with banks and other business partners.

An attorney for the Trump OrganizationRon Fischetti, said the legal team and prosecutors have constantly been in contact with prosecutors and that last Thursday, they met to stop them from pursuing criminal charges against the organization.

The charges are absolutely outrageous and unprecedented if indeed the charges are filed, Fischetti told the Associated Press on Friday. This is just to get back at Donald Trump. We’re going to plead not guilty and we’ll make a motion to dismiss.

According to Fischetti, they had until Monday, June 28, to make their final arguments on why charges should not be brought against the organization.

New York prosecutors have been investigating the Trump Organization for two years.

Trump insists that this is just another witch hunt by Democrats.


  1. This so called news is total BS. Trump is NOT going to jail. Get your story straight. You are speculating at best. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Journalist.

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