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Donald Trump coming to Greenville, N.C., DESPERATELY trying to win North Carolina



I don’t know how many times President Trump has come to North Carolina in recent weeks, but it looks like the president is desperately trying to win the state.

President Trump has shown that he needs North Carolina 15 Electoral Votes to win reelection.

Sunday night, The Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced that President Trump would deliver remarks at a Make America Great Again Rally in Greenville, North Carolina October 15 at 1 p.m.

The rally will take place at Pitt-Greenville Airport located at 400 Airport Road, Greenville, NC 27834.

President Trump has made seven appearances in North Carolina since July 27. He came to the state four times in September. He made two stops on August 21, when he visited Charlotte for the COVID-subdued GOP convention and observed a food assistance program in the state’s western part.

Biden is beating Trump in North Carolina (not by much), but he is in the lead 48.3 to President Trump’s 46.9.

The president is expected to appear more in North Carolina as the election near.

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