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Doctor claims there is a treatment for COVID-19, but her voice is being silenced


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See, with all of this FAKE NEWS on the internet, I see that social media platforms are silencing REAL Doctors spreading REAL news.

Now, everybody knows I do not like President Donald Trump but I am the kind of person to give credit when credit is due…and now I am seeing some truth to what Trump has been saying for some time and why he has decided to exclude Dr. Anthony Fauci from his Coronavirus press conferences. See, you have to be #Woke to understand this.

Will the American people accept the fact that Doctor Fauci may have been misleading the American people? Now, I’m not saying that anything he has said is fake but too many Doctors have disagreed with him and his information about COVID-19.

The American people are waiting for an end to COVID-19 and human trials of a potential vaccine are in the works at Oxford University in England.

But according to Doctor Stella Immanuel out of Houston, there is a cure for COVID-19 and she has used it on 350 patients of her own.

Many of you may or may not know that President Donald Trump has mentioned Hydroxychloroquine many times and that he is taking the medicine. (VIDEO BELOW)

The drug has been known to treat Malaria but studies have since shown that it could potentially cure the coronavirus.

On Monday, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant about how he believes Hydroxychloroquine can treat the deadly virus but his tweets were removed by Twitter for spreading “false” information.

During his rant storm, he mentioned Doctor Stella Immanuel and said:

She’s a fearless warrior for the truth…debunking the left-wing narrative on #Hydroxychloroquine that is why they want to attack her so fiercely…keep up the good fight Dr. Stella!

Dr. Immanuel is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, a group of doctors who support the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

Outside of the Capitol building in Washington recently, Dr. Stella Immanuel and a group of doctors all dressed in white coats spoke about their findings on Hydroxychloroquine being able to cure COVID-19.

Dr. Immanuel said: I am here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with Covid. Patients that have diabetes. Patients that have high blood pressure. Patients that have asthma. All people, I think my oldest patient is 92. And 7-year-olds, and the result has been the same.


But because these words aren’t coming out of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mouth, it’s “FAKE NEWS?” Unbelievable!

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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