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BUSTED! North Carolina deputy FIRED after ‘Lynch Mob’ incident, deputy has not been arrested


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I said I wasn’t going to tell anybody but I just couldn’t keep it to myself!

The North Carolina Beat has identified the face of a sleazebag New Hanover County deputy who tried to force himself inside the home of a Black family in Pender County, North Carolina Sunday night.

The former New Hanover County Deputy has been identified as 23-year-old Jordan Timothy Kita of Huckleberry Way in Rocky Point. 

Racist 23-year-old Jordan Timothy Kita

Former deputy Kita, who was with the armed mob that threatened Dameon and his mother Monica Shepard Sunday night will be charged with forcible trespass, breaking and entering, and willful failure to discharge duties, according to New Hanover County District Attorney, Ben David. As of Saturday afternoon, Kita has still yet to be arrested.

The racist group of individuals showed up at Dameon Shepard’s home Sunday evening looking for Kita’s 15-year-old cousin who had been missing at the time. It has been said that the racist mobsters were looking for someone named Josiah who may have had information about the whereabouts of the child. The mobsters thought Josiah lived at Dameon’s address and was under the impression that they were at the right home.

Photo of missing 15-year-old.

Dameon told his attorney Jim Lea that he informed the men that he was not Josiah and that they had the wrong home. After being informed by Dameon, the men tried to force their way inside the home. Leah said Kita was in full uniform with his service weapon while one man was carrying an assault rifle and another, a shotgun.

Monica Shepard, the mother of Dameon, was asleep during the altercation but woke up and also tried to get the supremacist group to leave her property, indicating the person they were looking for did not live there. The group again started demanding answers from the Shepard’s and tried forcing their way inside the family’s home. When Monica tried to shut her door, Kita blocked her.

Pender County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene, and despite seeing a group of white supremacist men with assault rifles and a shotgun at Shepard’s home, no arrests were made.

Pender County Sheriff Alan Cutler, who is believed to be a racist himself said in a press conference Friday that he was proud of his deputies for diffusing the situation. He said that his office had enough evidence the night of the incident to make arrests but needed time to make an informed decision on this situation. It looks like Sheriff Cutler is okay with racist white men terrorizing Black families in his county.

The Shepard’s attorney Jim Lea III said the group that tried to gain entrance into his client’s home was a “lynch mob, literally.”

They might as well have shown up with a noose in a tree, Lea said.

Dameon and his mother Monica neighbors all gathered, and stood with them after the incident.

Lea said his office represents and will be taking civil action on behalf of the Shepard family.

During this whole incident, former deputy Kita was off-duty with these men and that alone should have warranted arrests of all these men attempting to force themselves inside the Shepard family home.

This idea of “White Privilege” must end immediately. People need to understand that Black people face this racist bullshit every day. No real justice will happen until everyone no matter the color of your skin stands up and say enough is enough.




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