Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Black people can get the Coronavirus, black man in Louisiana 1st person to die from the virus


Just like a bullet has no ethnicity on it, the Coronavirus doesn’t either. 

Anyone can catch this virus, and to believe otherwise is to be foolish. Let’s be smart.

A 58-year-old black man has died from the Coronavirus, despite rumors that Black/African-Americans can’t contract the virus.

Ives Green, 58, and a resident of a facility serving people with developmental disabilities and having limited contact with the outside world have died from COVID-19.  

Green’s family said that he stated to them that he had been feeling unwell. While his condition was deteriorating, medical staff at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans received the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s permission to give him a test for the new coronovirus, which only a few people in Louisiana have been getting. 

Officials say Green’s test came back positive, and Green on Saturday became the first person in Louisiana to die from COVID-19.

Ives had a lot more living to do. People need to take this virus seriously and follow CDC guidelines, his family said.

His family said he had no comprehension of COVID-19 and did not know he was gravely ill.

Experts say, people who feel well and don’t experience any symptoms- such as a high fever and a cough- can still spread the disease to others who may not be able to resist the illness as effectively. 

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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