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Ayden N.C. pastor accused of scamming marketing firm out of $10,000 worth of services


Perry Smith, a pastor from Ayden, North Carolina, is accused of using his secret gay lifestyle to make advances towardsthe owner of a marketing firm from whom he allegedly scammed $10,000 worth of services.

Larry Lawton, the owner of The Lawton Firm located in Statesboro, Georgia, stated that Smith contacted his marketing firm in early August to seek a*sistance with his mayoral campaign.

Lawton told The North Carolina Beat that when he spoke with Perry about his firm’s services, he learned that Perry was a pastor. Lawton mentioned that his parents were also pastors and a*sured Perry that he would provide services before payment, as long as Perry made his payments.

As the days went by, Lawton said that the struggling pastor Perry began asking him questions about his sexuality. Lawton told The North Carolina Beat that he has always been open about his bisexuality, but he wasn’t expecting Perry to ask him if he had ever slept with a pastor or inquire about his position.

According to Lawton, Perry owes his firm $10,000 for work that has already been completed and has not made any payments.

In a series of text messages, Perry allegedly informed Lawton that he would make payments in installments. He proposed paying $380 in August, $2,500 on another day, $2,500 on the first Friday in September, and $5,000 in October.

Lawton told The North Carolina Beat that he hadn’t received any money from Perry. And you know what? I am so tired of these pastors, preachers, and prophets claiming to have the Holy Ghost, but the Holy Ghost will tell you to PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME!

In Facebook messages, Perry allegedly asks Lawton about his position and if he ever dated a pastor. Lawton told Perry that he is a top and has never dated a pastor, nor has he ever thought about it. During the conversation, Perry allegedly tells Lawton that he is a private person and a virgin.

Perry also discusses being in a relationship with a woman and wanting to marry a woman. However, the conversation took an awkward turn when Perry mentioned that he had engaged in a sexual act with another man and how a guy expressed interest in him. Lawton told The North Carolina Beat that he blocked Perry and terminatedhis services at that point.

In a statement, Lawton told The North Carolina Beat:

No, I don’t think any of the sexual comments were for payment. I think he is a ugly guy nobody wants and he is secretly gay. So, anytime some man gives him nice conversation, he feels compelled to try to have sex with them. Just my thoughts. And i just want my money


In a statement to The North Carolina Beat, Lawton expressed concern about Pastor Perry’s situation, questioning how he can continue to preach as a gay man without providing an explanation to his congregation, who are owed. SIT DOWN!


Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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