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Attorney: Andrew Brown was ambushed, killed unjustifiably


The family of Andrew Brown Jr was able to see only 20 minutes of what led to his death Tuesday at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Department.

The family of Andrew Brown spent more than two hours watching body cam tapes that captured the killing on April 21 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Attorneys for the family said what they saw was an ‘unjustifiable killing.’

Attorney Bakari Sellers said he believed the 20-minute video they saw showed pretty much the full story of what happened to Andrew Brown Jr.

We all know that District Attorney Andrew Womble previously made a statement in court saying that Brown made “contact with law enforcement officers” with his car before officers shot him.

Attorney Chance Lynch disputed Womble’s comments in a press conference Tuesday evening:

We were able to see Mr. Brown sitting in his vehicle — that he was ambushed as the sheriff’s office made their way to his residence. Appearing to be surprised. At all times his hands were visible. At all times he did not appear to be a threat.

Lynch said Brown went in the opposite direction of the officers as they stood on the pavement unloading their weapons.

What we saw at all times were police officers on the pavement unloading their weapons,  Lynch said.

Lynch said they had a difficult time keeping up with the number of bullets that were fired saying “there were so many shots.”

He made sure the world knew that “at no point did we see Mr. Brown pose a threat to law enforcement officers.”

At this time, it is unknown when the investigation will be wrapped and if any charges will be filed against the officers.

Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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