Sunday, June 23, 2024

Atlanta police arrest two women and one man for video abusing 12yr old boy because he’s GAY


Two whoras and one deadbeat thug has been arrested by the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department for abusing a 12-year-old boy because he is a Gay.

In June, a video of an Instagram live showing a 12-year-old boy getting abused because of his sexuality circulated online.

Police got wind of the video and arrested three individuals seen on video verbally and physically assaulting the boy.

The video shows an unidentified child with a terrible haircut being held by the back of his neck by a male. A man can also be heard saying “You still doing gay shit. You think I cut this in your head for no reason?” The boy is visibly scared, kept his head low, afraid. The violence against this boy continues showing him slapped and shoved on the side and back of his head repeatedly. The word “GAY” was shaved on the side of his head. DISGUSTING!

Lorkeyla Jamia Spencer,19,  Brittney Monique Mills, 35, and Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo, 18, was arrested by the Atlanta Police Department.

Lorkeyla Jamia Spencer
Brittney Monique Mills
Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo


The child is now in custody and care of the Georgia Division Of Family & Children’s Services.

Police said the video was disturbing to watch.



Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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