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911 call released in the case of Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga alleged car accident


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The North Carolina Beat has received the 911 call that could have possibly saved the lives of Paige Escalera and Stephanie Mayorga, the couple that vanished on April 15.

In the 911 call, the unidentified caller says he saw a grey car speed past him as he was traveling North on Independence Blvd.

I just saw a car drive so fast and smash into a wall, the caller says. 

When the caller was asked if he saw the color of the vehicle, he said no. Later in the call, he said the color of the vehicle was grey.

The caller said out of his left mirror, he saw the car disappear inside the tree.


Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene to search the area. The dispatcher clearly tells the responding units that the caller stated the car may have crashed into the woods. Emergency personnel on the scene said they could not locate a crash.



In the 911 call, the caller states that he saw a grey vehicle. 

Why didn’t Wilmington Police Department go back to the area the next day to search in daylight? The caller also stated that he didn’t see the car turn but go straight into the woods. Why didn’t emergency personnel search thoroughly or put a helicopter in the sky that night or the next day to search from above?

There are so many questions, but NO answers!







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