2,684 new reported COVID-19 cases in North Carolina

North Carolina sees a spike in coronavirus cases as the state continues in Phase 3 with restrictions.

Friday, North Carolina reported 2,684 new COVID-19 cases. On Thursday, the state reported more than 2,500 new cases.

North Carolina reported 2,684 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Friday. With more than 2,500 new cases reported Thursday, the state is reaching a peak unseen since the pandemic began.

Nearly 4,000 North Carolinians have died of COVID-19 in the past seven months, according to health officials.

At least 206,471 have supposedly recovered from the virus as of Friday, October 16, 2020.

“One thing is clear: North Carolinians must be even more vigilant in our effort to prevent the spread of this virus,” Gov. Roy Cooper said. “Complacency will cost lives and hurt our economy.”

Although the Governor has yet to tie the new uptick in cases to his move into Phase 3, it sure does look like that move may have caused this spike.

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  1. I am not a fan of Cooper, but I firmly believe that he and Cohen are pushing a policy on this state that DOESN’T WORK! He has cost many their livelihood and regretfully, many their lives.They keep pushing the same agenda and getting the same results – we all know what that indicates. Wake up fellow NC citizens and oust this team of bad .performers.

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