Two Former NC NAACP presidents under possible embezzlement investigation, forensic audit underway

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Word On The Curb… two former NC NAACP presidents are under investigation for missing funds that now cannot be found or traced.

Former NC NAACP President, Dr. Anthony T. Spearman, is alleged to be a suspect in a possible cover-up over missing and untraced NC NAACP funds during his tenure as president. Also, former NC NAACP president, Repairers Of The Breach President and Co-Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, Rev. William J. Barber II is also alleged to be a suspect.

Reverend William J. Barber II (Right), Dr. Anthony T. Spearman (Left)

The National NAACP is working with North Carolina forensic audit authorities to locate missing funds and financial records from the NC NAACP dating back to 2013, when Rev. William J. Barber II was the organization’s president, according to sources. The investigation is also alleged to include Dr. Anthony T. Spearman’s tenure as president from 2017 to 2021

Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that as of October 2019, the National NAACP had been repeatedly seeking financial records, including bank statements from the NC NAACP.

Rev. Barber was the president of the NC NAACP from 2005 to 2017. During most of tenure, funds were missing and not accounted for. Sources say 2013 was the peak of Rev. Barber’s administration, when “Moral Monday” was founded, which led to big donors. And that could be the reason the forensic audit investigation is beginning in the year of 2013.

Dr. Spearman served as the president of the NC NAACP from 2017 to 2021. He lost his re-election bid to the first NC NAACP woman president, Deborah Dicks Maxwell, who is named as a defendant in a civil suit filed by Dr. Spearman.

NC NAACP President Deborah Dicks Maxwell

The suit filed by Dr. Spearman, that some call frivolous, alleges that Maxwell conspired with others to have him removed as NC NAACP president, but election results show that Dr. Spearman lost with 34% of state delegate votes while Maxell defeated him with 54%.

Dr. Spearman’s suit against NC NAACP president Maxwell reminds us of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s disparaging comments earlier this month that: “We are called to be led by men. “God sent women out… when they had to do their thing, but when it was time to face down Goliath, [He] sent David. Not Davita, David.” Robinson, who thinks women shouldn’t be in positions of power, is similarly echoed by Dr. Spearman, who thinks Maxwell didn’t deserve to win in October. Instead of accepting his well-deserved loss, he blamed her for conspiring to remove him as president.

It is believed that Dr. Spearman is doing all of this to distract attention from the ongoing investigation into funds missing from the NC NAACP during his tenure as president and for which he cannot account.

Various sources told The North Carolina Beat that there is physical evidence of financial misappropriation on the part of Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman, who both oversaw NC NAACP finances while they were presidents. It is reported that neither Rev. Barber nor Dr. Spearman followed the “check and balance” process to ensure the annual loss preventions audits that would have prevented losses, misappropriation and possible embezzlement. 

In a recent closed meeting, Rev. Barber stated he would be stepping aside as the face of some organizations and letting his son takeover, according to sources. The move by Rev. Barber could be related to preparation for the outcome of the investigation, which could possibly lead to criminal charges. 

Grants that Rev. Barber was receiving to speak at conventions and events, some within the NC NAACP organization believed that some of that money should have been put back into the organization because of his position, but instead, he allegedly pocketed it.

In October 2019, because of overwhelming complaints against then-president Dr. Spearman and Dr. Barber, the National NAACP put NC NAACP on receivership. The National NAACP assigned two administrators to take over, Tennessee State Conference President Gloria Jean Sweet-Love and New York State Conference President Hazel Nell Dukes. At that time, the administrators begin requesting financial records and still to this day; they do not have all the records requested. 

Tennessee State Conference President Gloria Jean Sweet-Love

New York State Conference President Hazel Nell Dukes

Sources say the procedures that Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman allegedly used to get the money that is now missing were not legitimate.

There is a process that is used to get money from the NAACP account, which Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman allegedly did not use. Sources say when withdrawing money from the account, the treasurer has to be involved, and the secretary has to submit a voucher. The voucher must be signed by the president and the secretary. Once the treasurer receives the voucher, the check must be signed by the president and the treasurer. Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman allegedly used credit cards to withdraw money and did not follow the NAACP procedure to withdraw funds according to sources.

Both men are accused of withdrawing enormous sums of money, according to sources. Although the exact amount allegedly taken is unknown, Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman are accused of withdrawing thousands of dollars.

Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that Dr. Spearman’s has recently been suspended from the NAACP because he refused to turn over records to the new NC NAACP administration.

It is possible that Rev. Spearman and Dr. Barber could face criminal charges at the end of the current investigation, according to sources. The source tells The North Carolina Beat that there is nothing that can justify the missing funds, nor the missing records of where the funds went.

There are records from the National NAACP threatening the NC NAACP under Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman to give them access to the financial records and they would not do it, according to sources. 

Rev. Barber and Dr. Spearman administration would send documents, but the General Council of The National NAACP would allegedly tell them that the documents they sent were insufficient and did not explain what happened to years of missing funds.

The investigation is currently ongoing.


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To be honest, all local branches need to be audited.

Fuck the NAACP

I’m glad you posted on them becuz they been crooked and stealing money. barber can’t win for losing


Noooooooooooo! Not the civil rights activists 😩😩😩😩😩😩 what bird don’t fly??? Jail birddddddd  😭 😭 😭 😒 😳 😳 😳

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