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Two black N.C. sisters say they was nearly killed by a white couple on Wrightsville Beach

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Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jacksonhttps://www.instagram.com/imgjtheceo/
Hi, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am 26-years-old. I was born and raised in Troy, Alabama. I currently reside in North Carolina. I am a Journalist, Influencer, Content Creator, and a Man of Faith! I have been blogging for 5 years and I love it! I don't shy away from the truth, always speak my mind, and before I take anything back, I'll add more to it. Follow me on my social media below to keep up with my personal life. LOL!

Two Wilmington, North Carolina sisters, say they were nearly killed by a white couple last Wednesday, July 14, at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Jasmine Evans, 29, and her sister, 25-year-old Nadia Evans, tells The North Carolina Beat that in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 14, around 5 A.M., they went to Wrightsville Beach at the Johnnie Mercers Fishing Pier for meditation and to watch the sunrise. When they got to the beach, the two sisters said they put down a burgundy blanket on the sand and placed their shoes, phone, and keys on it while they meditate. When the sisters stepped away for meditation near the water, they turned around and noticed two individuals near their belongings.

Nadia Evans and Jasmine Evans

Jasmine and Nadia said they wondered what the two were doing, so they walked up and asked what was going on.

When we walked up and asked them what was going on, they immediately started saying “what’s this shit, what’s this shit”, Jasmine and Nadia said.

The two individuals have been identified as Jack Andrew McLoughlin, 22 of Wilmington, NC and his girlfriend, Danielle Mackenzie Bull, 19 of Greensboro, North Carolina.

(Left) Danielle Mackenzie Bull (Right) Jack Andrew McLoughlin

Jasmine and Nadia said that both, Jack and Danielle appeared to be highly intoxicated, on drugs, or both.

A video obtained by The North Carolina Beat appears to show whom the two sisters say is Jack and Danielle, drunk.


The sisters said that Jack and his girlfriend, Danielle, told them that they thought their burgundy blanket was a “squid,”( an elongated, fast-swimming cephalopod mollusk with ten arms (technically, eight arms and two long tentacles), typically able to change color.)

We told them that our blanket was not a squid, obviously, and we asked them to back up from our belongings and leave us alone, the sisters said.

After the two sisters asked Jack and Danielle to back up from their belongings, and leave them alone, the couple refused.

They started dancing around being nonchalant, not listening, refusing to leave us alone, the sisters said. It’s 5 AM in the morning, it’s plenty of room on the beach and they just would not leave us alone.

Jasmine and Nadia said, after they continued asking the couple to leave them alone, Jack made a comment to them saying, “y’all don’t even live here,” to which the sisters responded, asking him, “how do you know we don’t live here.”

We are natives to Wilmington, North Carolina, the sisters said. Born and raised.

When the couple walked off from the sisters, Jack kept saying slick things out of his mouth, the sisters said. So, Nadia asked him “what did you say”, and Nadia said that’s when Jack kicked her in the face. Nadia said she yelled for her sister Jasmine, and when Jasmine came, Jack fought Jasmine, and as she fought back he choked her unconscious.

Nadia said that after Jack knocked her sister Jasmine out, he grabbed her around her neck with one hand and used the other to put his hand around her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe, all while telling her to “shut up” as she was crying out for someone to come and help. Next, Nadia said that Jack started beating her and tried to smoosh her face in the sand to suffocate her. She said she repeatedly asked Jack to get off her because she could not breathe, and he would not let up. Nadia said she was fighting for her life.

After Jack had enough of trying to kill Nadia, he and his girlfriend took off running, leaving Nadia brutally beaten and her sister Jasmine unconscious.

Nadia Evans photos of her injury after allegedly being attacked by Jack Andrew Mcloughlin

I got up and tried to wake my sister up, Nadia said. I tried slapping her, doing mouth to mouth, lifting her head and I got no response until she was able to utter for me to call 911.

Nadia frantically called 911 for help.

The sisters said Wrightsville Beach Police Department responded with no sirens, and when they arrived, they acted as if the two had not just been assaulted and as if their injuries were not visible.

They arrived and they kind of just asked us what happened and what was going on, the sisters said. They were like “we see that you have some abrasions, and scratches on your face.” It didn’t seem like they took our attack seriously.

Jasmine and Nadia were transported to a local hospital for their injuries. They said that before they left the scene, the officers told them that a detective would meet them at the hospital to file a police report about the assault, but the sisters say no police officer or detective came and spoke to them.

On Monday, when The North Carolina Beat contacted the sisters, they had to call us back because they were at the Wrightsville Beach Police Department filing a police report.

How is it that six days later, these two sisters had to go to the police department to file a police report because the officers who responded to their assault call on Wednesday didn’t think it was necessary to file one, which is the protocol?

During our investigation about this incident, we found that Jack had been arrested and charged for assaulting his girlfriend, Danielle Bull. The same woman who was with him when he allegedly tried to kill Nadia and her sister, Jasmine.

On May 01, 2021, Danielle filed charges against Jack, claiming that he assaulted her and strangled her. He was arrested on May 06, 2021, and I am sure that he is currently in violation of his bond conditions of release. Because he does not suppose to be anywhere near or in contact directly or indirectly with the victim (prosecuting witness).


Tuesday, The North Carolina Beat spoke with Jack’s mother, Lisa Stio McLoughlin who said that she doesn’t believe her son attacked the sisters and that she stands by her son unless proven otherwise.

I don’t believe my son attacked these women, Lisa said.

Lisa said that the only thing that her son told her was that he and his girlfriend was attacked by Jasmine and Nadia.

This mother believes that her son is innocent, even with pending charges against him for beating his own girlfriend, Danielle.

While discussing the pending charges against her son, Lisa said that Danielle went to a court hearing Tuesday (today), despite the next court date on September 02, 2021, and admitted to the courts that she was lying and the charges against her son Jack were dropped. We looked up the court records at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday (today), and the charges against Jack are still pending.

Jack Andrew Mcloughlin pending charges for assaulting and strangling his girlfriend, Danielle Mackenzie Bull.

Even if Danielle’s charges against her boyfriend Jack were dismissed and she dismissed them, often, that’s what domestic violence victims do. Their abuser threatens them, punishes them, and tries to manipulate and control them. So, they will go to the district attorney and ask for the charges to be dismissed.

Detective Trevor Greene with the Wrightsville Beach Police Department says that this assault is ongoing, and from his understanding, this was a simple affray. But of course, we see this very often, where the police never believe the victim when they are black and the suspect is white.

Jasmine and Nadia said they are sad, hurt, and traumatize that this happened to them, and they want Jack charged and arrested.

When it happened, I knew I was dead. It was unreal, definitely sickening, and traumatizing, Jasmine said. To this day, we are traumatized and cannot stop thinking about what happened to us.

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Where is the side of Danielle and Jack? This whole article seems fake and one sided. No charges were even issued so what truly happened? Not sure why you slander a young girl and boys name when the whole truth isn’t out.


Not too long ago Jack locked me in his bathroom, pulled his pants down, then proceeded to try to pull my pants down after i repeatedly said i didn’t want to have sex. I’ve said it for months to him now. i kept saying no but he kept trying. I finally pushed him off of me, to which he responded “get the fuck out of my sight”, then tried to keep me there when I did try to leave. Reading this does not shock me in the slightest bit. I wish I would have googled Jack before I decided to… Read more »


All imma say is this I bet they wouldn’t had tried doing that to Nobody in Philly or any where near Philly bcuz trust me the outcome would’ve most definitely been different for her son & his dizzy ass girlfriend Periodt ‼️
All imma say is this I beat they wouldn’t had tried doing that to Nobody in Philly or any where near Philly bcuz trust me the outcome would’ve most definitely been different for her son & his dizzy ass girlfriend Periodt ‼️

Last edited 7 months ago by Msbee

investigation was just closed due to false allegations. 6 DAs and detectives determined that Danielle and jack were found innocent for the assault claims. Stop letting your mind be easily influenced by a skewed narrative. Do NOT send money to their go fund me!!!!!


Just because the investigation was closed does not mean shit. Of course the police are gonna side with the white peoples story, if they had any intelligence at all they would’ve realized that Danielle had charged jack for assault and with her dropping it shouldn’t mean that it didn’t happen. It’s call a corrupt government you racist piece of shit.


He’s still facing these charges he goes to court in February


So Lisa let me get this straight…Your son has a pending charge and order to stay away from his girlfriend cause he beat her ass… and we’re supposed to believe that he didn’t assault these women??? You sound like a complete clown!! Your son did it and will continue to do it cause mother’s like you turn away and act as if their kid(s) are innocent and are not a psychopath. Your son and his girl should’ve never walked up on their stuff high or drunk which clearly they were. If your son has any marks I am sure they… Read more »

Brandon W

Absolutely horrible! I feel so bad for the two sisters! And I can’t believe the Wrightsville Beach Police Department didn’t take it more seriously. I find it very ironic that the guys girlfriend supposably goes to drop the assault charges right after this happens and way before her court date… very suspicious!


Jack’s injuries


LOL, now I’m reading a third completely different story! stories tend to remain consistent when telling the truth, such as my son Jack! highly doubt they thought a blanket was a squid, but thanks I needed a good laugh! if they were so threatened by them WHY DID THEY STOP RECORDING? I know that I wouldn’t stop recording! WHY did you NOT POST MY SON’S MULTIPLE INJURIES? I can ONLY assume that it doesn’t fit their narrative bc he sustained more injuries? Multiple bite marks on his neck and back suggest that he was attacked from behind! these sister’s look… Read more »


Girl shut up, your son is an abusive ugly big mf


Lisa, your son is guilty. Just deal with it. The apple doesnt seem to fall far from the tree either. You look miserable babe. Your son was in the wrong. Truly disgusting of you.

Daisy dukes

Mike Tyson?? Clearly you are just as racist and moronic as your dumb waste of life son. I hope he gets life because he is clearly a sick and violent individual. Now go crawl back in the trailer trash garbage heap your mother aborted you in and reflect on your terrible parenting skills you prick.


how do you get ‘racist’ from that comment?
they’re clearly not tiny and could very easily attack him from behind


You’re grasping for straws, honey, and it shows.
Your son is a habitually violent individual who needs to be reprimanded.
Face the music.


Of course you’d stand by your son because in your eyes, you believe he could do no wrong. Clearly, Jackass & his clown of a girlfriend were there to start trouble while under the influence. When asked to leave, they should’ve left but they insisted on standing/dancing around like it was some type of game. You have shown that you clearly haven’t shown your son accountability, basic human decency or anything about respect. I find it ironic how after this situation, his girlfriend filed a report saying that he abused her – in the same manner that these sisters were… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Saige

The Whole comment ?


Shut up Lisa you fucked your daughters fiancé your moral compass is broken


was this before or after I fucked your grandfather?? LMFAO


Nice comeback Lisa you are SO funny and mature. I would expect nothing less from someone who defends their son’s abusive behavior towards women.


I’m glad I spoke with you otherwise I wouldn’t have learned the few things I now know…my son was attacked right after that video for seeing THEIR ITEMS!! you continued to question me about what they/Jack & Dani saw on the blanket! Jack obviously didn’t recognize these items he was seeing nor understanding what was going on (not bc he was intoxicated) for example, not many people have an OWL statue on their blanket…what were these two sisters REALLY doing on the beach. I’ve taken my theory to the detective. My son was attacked for what HE SAW…and not only… Read more »


Maybe your family wouldn’t be receiving death threats if your son didn’t try to drunkenly murder innocent strangers in a public setting. *shrug*

Your ad hominem statements about the sisters are telling of how ugly your soul truly is.

Karma is beautiful and unforgiving. I hope you all, especially Jack, are prepared to embrace it.


lisa. how about you teach your son how to treat women. this is not his first offense and it won’t be his last. i hope he dies and i hope you do too because clearly you’re condoning his actions

Jack is a women beater

Yeah ofc ur reading a third completely different story u fucking dumbass bc the ppl telling u that story are lying


why did your son and his girlfriend approach the two ? What were their intentions ? Why were they close enough to be recorded in the first place ? Why ?

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