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South Carolina fifth-grader dies after being bullied and jumped by two students

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A mother will never get over losing a child! It doesn’t matter how long, how the old the child was, or how the child died. She will live with this pain every moment of her life.

A family is mourning the loss of a fifth-grader who was bullied and jumped by two students Monday in South Carolina.

Fifth-Grader RaNiya Wright was airlifted to the hospital Monday after she was involved in a fight with two student bullies.

The incident happened at Forst Hills Elementary School in Wright’s classroom, according to Colleton County School District.

The two students involved in the fight was suspended but has not been identified.

Officials say no charges have been filed at this time.

Let me say this if an 11-year-old child can be charged in the death of a toddler, then these elementary killers can be too.

It’s so sad that kids can’t even go to school nowadays, without being bullied…somebody saying something about their clothes, their hair, their shoes, and all of this other stuff, when the truth of the matter is…some of y’all parents know that you got all of that “good looking stuff” for your child because you cheated, and probably was a THOTHTIANA! Let’s be real…don’t knock real parent’s out here working these hard ass jobs to make an honest living for their children, while you’re out here doped up, fucked up, and sleeping to get your child the next pair of J’s, and Fendi prints! (I may be wrong for saying all of this, but…’s the truth that will set you free)

This mother has now lost her child because another child’s parent doesn’t know how to raise them and teach them right from wrong, and that bullying is NOT okay! I understand that you can raise a child the best you know how, and they will still grow up and do their wrong…I know this, I have mY on personal life experiences. My mother didn’t expect me to do some of the stuff I did, but we’re talking about (FIFTH-GRADERS), you should be able to control your child at that grade level and age…IJS!


Wright passed away Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post by her mother, Ashley Wright.

A GoFundMe account has been created for RaNiya which has now raised more than $10,000. (PLEASE DONATE)

To learn about what you can do if your child is being bullied at school, click HERE.


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