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SNAP bill introduced to extend benefits to families facing COVID-19 school closings

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Gerald Jackson
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The Pandemic EBT Act bill is getting a lot of support around the country.

The bill will give states the option to extend the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to those who have children attending schools that are closed due to COVID-19.

The bill was introduced by Marcia Fudge, the chair of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Nutrition, Oversight and Department Operations, and Rep. Bobby Scott, chair of the Education and Labor Committee.

The Pandemic EBT will allow the secretary of agriculture to be able to approve state plans to offer benefits to eligible households even if those families are not signed up to receive SNAP benefits.

The bill says students and their families are eligible if they are receiving free or reduced-price lunches and are enrolled in a school that is closed for at least five consecutive days due to COVID-19.


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Elaine Cook Stevens

I have 3 kids in my home is out of school for the rest of march and don’t know how much longer after that yahoo.com


When is this going to take place n will we be notified

Shelly dale

When we get more stamp

Susan vogt

I have two children and we get food stamps but we don’t get them until the April 4 are they going to send them earlier and raise our vendors since they cut us down Susan vogt


What are people going to do now who haven’t received theirs for the month? I get $87 a month an for 3 people, 2 kids an 1 adult that’s not enough to keep us fed throughout all this! I truly do appreciate the amount I do get, but with folks running out buying everything up by the time they do come it’s all gone!


Relax delivery trucks are going to be running daily! You may have to check different stores. Try the smaller stores also food banks are in the talks of starting but stimulus check will.be sent out soon as they can get them either direct deposited or mail. $1,000 per Adult and $500.00 per child is the first stimulus but they’re working on a second and third one dependingbon how this virus goes. Israel may have introduced the cure!


What if we already got them this month


How will I find out if I will get them because that would be a thing I don’t have to worried about but I get them for me and my little girl and what about the EBT cash will that go up

Ashley Verner

I feel we have had a major turn from them trying to cut everything now they are giving stimulus checks and extra food stamps. Why ask for more talking about EBT cash ?

V. Ellzey

I have grandkids I have to watch while there parents work will I be able to get extra stamps

Christine Green

How do we knpw of we will receive the benefits

Shalenia Vanorsdale

Where do we apply at?

I have 2 step children who isn’t on my food stamps and they’re out of school for the next 2 weeks, as of today. And we have primarily custody of them.


If you have primary custody them you should add them to your benefits anyway!

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