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Robeson County Superintendent back door deals exposed all to help fake activist and Comm. candidate

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(Top Left) Gerome Chavis ; (Bottom Left) Lacy Cummings ; (Right) Superintendent Shanita Wooten

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(Robeson County, North Carolina)Shanita Wooten, Superintendent of Robeson County Public Schools, is in a lot of trouble all because she helped a fake activist named Gerome Chavis.

Of course, if you have been following me, you’ll know that all of my “Word On The Curb” saying is 100% true. 

Superintendent Wooten was not truthful when she told the public in May of 2018, which is when she was officially sworn in as Superintendent of Robeson County Schools, that her love for working with children began while she was a student at NC A&T. Had that been true, she would not have gone into the home of a local “activist” in order to try her hand at political back-door deal-making. 

Word On The Curb is that Pat Dial, former Cafeteria Manager for Pembroke Middle School, resigned from his position in August because of the dangerous, “cloak and dagger darkness” his boss, Wooten, showed. 

Dial stated that in May of this year, he received a phone call from Gerome Chavis asking him to attend a meeting at his house, with Wooten, in order to discuss an employment opportunity. Dial said that while, at that time, he did not know the details of the opportunity, he did want to know why the Superintendent of Robeson County Schools would be meeting at the home of a fake activist, who is not employed with the school district, to discuss an employment opportunity. (Sounds like some politic bullshit)

With much hesitation and apprehensiveness, he agreed to the meeting. Upon arrival at Chavis’s home, he was the first to arrive, he and Chavis spoke briefly before Wooten arrived. They all went inside, and, thinking that all parties were present, Dial said that he suggested the meeting begin.  

It was at this point Chavis informed Dial that a fourth person, Robeson County Commissioner candidate, Lacy Cummings, would be arriving shortly. Dial said when he saw Cummings walk through the door, he was shocked and still could not believe that Superintendent Wooten was going to discuss a job opportunity with him at a private residence let alone with Gerome and Lacy present.

Once Cummings arrived, Dial said that Superintendent Wooten offered him the position as Nutrition Director for Robeson County Public Schools. Dial said he told her that the job for that position was already filled and that he was not even qualified per the job description. He said the Superintendent told him that the description could be altered to fit his background.

He told Superintendent Wooten that the position would be a substantial salary increase and that such a move would be negatively interpreted by the public.

In case you did not know, Dial’s wife, Faline, is a Robeson County Commissioner. But, it’s hard to figure out, why Superintendent Wooten would be involved in this kind of plotting and scheming to help Lacy Cummings win Raymond Cummings’s seat? 

Dial said that his wife fought long and hard to arrive at her position and any substantial increase in his salary would be perceived by the public as a political bankroll.

“I, nor my wife, would never be involved with such inappropriate behavior,” Dial said.

Dial said Superintendent Wooten responded that she would talk with human resources to identify some type of strategy and that she could not talk with the PSRC department because she did not want to raise any red flags, but she would speak with another district. If you knew that taking this matter to your own district would set off red flags, then, again, why would you continue with the discussions rather than making the other parties aware of how wrong it is before walking away?

Dial said Lacy Cummings spoke up and said that Superintendent Wooten was only offering him the position to ensure that he would stay out of what was going to be a rough campaign between Lacy and Raymond. (Ain’t this shit crazy, Robeson County)

Lacy Cummings did not take a breath before adding that Dial’s wife Faline would be supporting his campaign and that she was to vote in matters as he instructed Dial to through Superintendent Wooten. In other words, whatever Lacy needed, or wanted, in regards to a vote, Superintendent Wooten would pass on to Dial what to tell his wife. Failure to comply would mean immediate termination from the position he was being offered.

It has been rumored that Chavis was allegedly being bankrolled by Lacy, which would likely be the reason for both parties to be included in the conversation. It is quite clear that Lacy Cummings is fully involved in the seedy world of dirty politics In order to unseat his opponent, incumbent Raymond Cummings. Yet, again, while all of this is happening, Superintendent Wooten not once stopped and to say, “This is not right, I’m out,” or at least say “This is not what I promised the children of Robeson County.” Instead, she continued to play the DANGEROUS game.

Dial said that he went home and immediately recounted the details of the meeting with his wife. Both agreed that there was no way he could accept a position that was being offered solely for the advancement, by way of blackmail, Lacy Cummings’s political aspirations. 

“In August of this year, I resigned my PSRC position, knowing that I could no longer respect leadership (Superintendent Wooten) that involved itself with such cloak and dagger darkness,” Dial said. 

Lawwwwwd Have Mercy! I am so glad that Pat Dial and his beautiful Wife Faline decided to keep their integrity, unlike the three stooges involved in the plotting of this scheme and move on with their lives. 

Since this incident, Gerome Chavis has deactivated his Facebook because he knows that he has been exposed. If you can’t stand the boiling hot tea being spilled all over you, stay away from the kettle!


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