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Robeson County Judge daughter charged for filing fraudulent prescriptions, aided in attorney overdose

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A Robeson County Judge has made some moves to keep his name out of the mix concerning his daughter, Briana Page Moore.

The Honorable Judge William Jeffery Moore‘S daughter Briana Page Moore has been charged with Felony Larceny By Employee and Felony Possession SCH IV CS. 

Briana Moore, a fired pharmacist, is accused of stealing and filing fraudulent prescriptions for her best friend, Kyra Lowry.

Kyra Lowry

Briana was a pharmacist at a local pharmacy in Bladenboro, North Carolina at the time.

Many of you in Robeson County know about this story…

Apparently, Miss Lowry was an attorney for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and was addicted to pills fraudulently prescribed to her by her best friend, Briana.

It has also been said that Briana was selling the pills also.

Briana Page Moore

On December 8, 2018, Lowry overdosed on those pills and died. She was 28-years-old. As a result of Briana charges in the death of Lowry, she surrendered her pharmacist license.

Word On The Curb is that Briana case will be heard in Braden County, North Carolina because of her father being a Robeson County Judge.



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1 thought on “Robeson County Judge daughter charged for filing fraudulent prescriptions, aided in attorney overdose

  1. Your proclaimed “Mission Statement” is a joke. You could be using this platform for upbeat stories and positivity, which is what the world truly needs at this time. Instead you are being a Minister of Negativity, a Preacher of Trash and Poor Taste, and an Evangelist of Satan, as he is the true father of darkness and deceit. You should really be ashamed of yourself. You could have “published” this and never even mentioned the name of the deceased. How would your Mother feel? How do you think her family and friends feel? Either woman and/or her family are further victimized and trampled upon by this article. You are not the Judge, Jury and Executor. I suggest you watch “The Shack” and in doing so, may you have some clarity restored regarding this trash you are peddling as truths. You are not “uncovering” anything here. You are simply causing additional hurt and damage. None of this is from or of God. Shame on you!

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