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Robeson County fraud ordered to pay $510,000 in a civil suit

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You never win, when you play dirty!

A Robeson County man who is known for online slander is in $510,000 debt after a judge ordered him to pay his slandered and defamed victims, according to The Robesonian.

Gerome Chavis was found guilty of making reckless statements over the internet about upstanding members of the community, and their businesses.

His statements were designed to cause them substantial harm, according to the plaintiff’s attorney.

Court documents show that the lawsuit was filed on October 25, 2018

Pembroke-based Metcon Inc: Aaron Keith Thomas, president and CEO of Metcon; R&R Protective Services and its owner Roy Eddings; Fullerts BBQ of Fayetteville and its owner and president, Eric Locklear; Dial Insurance owner Jarette Sampson each filed charges of slander and libel against Chavis based off comments Chavis published on his struggling Facebook page.

Each claimed that Chavis had done financial damage to their business.

In 2017, Chavis started a group called “We The People” where he stated his goal was to expose corruption in local governments and businesses. It looks as though Chavis has only been successful in slandering businesses and turning the cheek to corruption.

In a sworn affidavit, Sampson said that as a direct result of “false statements published by Defendant Chavis” Dial Insurance and Agents Inc. suffered economic losses from lost business opportunities totaling $30,000 and “during the 2018-19 Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation (“LREMC”) Board election, I suffered economic damages from election-related expenses in the amount of $20,000.” He also stated that Chavis’ comments caused him to lose his seat on the LREMC board, which cost him $36,000 inboard member salary over three years.

Thomas stated in his affidavit, “As a direct result of the false statements published by Defendant Chavis, Metcon has suffered economic losses totaling $439,425,937.00 in lost business opportunities …”

In his affidavit, Locklear claimed economic losses of $20,000as a result of Chavis’ comments.

Eddings claimed Chavis’s published comments caused his company to lose its contract with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, which cost R&R Protective Service $62,000. Eddings further claimed Chavis’ comments cost his company $10,000 in lost business opportunities; caused him to lose his seat on the LREMC board, with a related cost of $12,000; and cost him a loss of $5,000 in 2018-19 LREMC board election expenses.

The plaintiffs were represented by R. Jonathan R. Charleston and Jose Coker of the Charleston Group, a Fayetteville law firm.

We reached out to Mr. Chavis for comment, and his response was “Trump 2020!! Build The Wall!!!”




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