Reverend Gregory Drumwright manipulated, and mentally abused us, it felt like we couldn’t get away, woman says

PLEASE NOTE: The Woman In This Story Will Be Anonymous, Due To Possible Retaliation By Gregory Drumwright (All Receipts Are From This Anonymous Woman)

A woman says Reverend Gregory Brooks Drumwright, pastor of Citadel of Praise & Campus Ministries in Greensboro, North Carolina manipulated and mentally abused her and former ministry members.

The control and the manipulation at the hands of Reverend Drumwright made them feel like they couldn’t get away and mentally had nowhere to go.

Reverend Drumwright, who self-proclaims himself as a national activist, may be a stranger to people outside of North Carolina, but he is no stranger to those who lived their whole college life under his witchcraft in Greensboro, North Carolina

The things he said, things he did, and the moves he made attracted young people. Growing up in church and leaving to go to college, still wanting to keep that church thing going can be challenging. Because you want to find a church that’s like back home but not boring, so you find a church like Citadel of Praise, and you THINK it’s cool and all beautiful, so you go. Then you join. Then you become a slave for a cult leader.

That’s what one woman says about how it felt while she was under Reverend Drumwright’s leadership.

Reverend Gregory Drumwright

In 2013, she says it was exciting for her because she was becoming a freshman at NC A&T, an HBCU college in Greensboro, North Carolina, known for the “Greatest Homecoming On Earth” (GHOE). She grew up in the church, knew God, and wanted to continue her relationship with God in college. So, she did, and one day she stumbled across Reverend Drumwright.

The woman said that Reverend Drumwright was a bum. His clothes were raggedy, looked as if he purchased his clothes out of a boutique store, dreads were messy, humble, and just appeared as a genuine man after God. But it turned out he was nothing more than a $2 hustler. Later, you’ll find out. She said that Reverend Drumwright chased misfits.

He found a bunch of misfits, the woman said. He listened to people who normally don’t get listened to, he acted as a father figure to those who didn’t have a father, and made people believe that if they took care of him, God would take care of them.

He groomed many of the students at A&T, and he had to find a way to make it legit. And he did. But what these students did not know was that their life now had been sucked into a whole new world, a world that would cause them to fail in college, a world where they will have to get approval not from their parents but Reverend Drumwright if they wanted to do something, a world that now their lives would be subjected to manipulation.

For this woman, it was a nightmare on the rise.

His voice was smooth, he was intelligent, kind, and a man of God like in public, but he was a cult leader behind closed doors.

Over the years, according to the woman, Reverend Drumwright manipulated her and his members. He mentally abused his members, publicly humiliated his members, talked about how they dressed and made them give all of their money to him.

In 2014, Reverend Drumwright extended “Citadel Church” to “Citadel Church & Campus Ministry” so he could have a valid reason to operate on the A&T campus. But, while he was operating on campus, his ministry became under investigation.

The campus ministry started to be under investigation, the woman said. Every single organization on campus had multiple advisors but the only advisor CCM-Citadel Campus Ministries had was Drumwright and that raised a red flag in SGA-Student Government Association.

Just like now, Reverend Drumwright didn’t have any activities going on on campus. The woman said all they heard was him, him, and he would take up an offering.

The only activities we’ve ever had were listening to Drumwright talk and create a platform for all students on campus to listen to Drumwright talk and then an offering, the woman said.

She said she believed that Reverend Drumwright’s sole idea at the time was to create a valid platform for him to be able to have church on campus and take money from students. But once the school found out, students starting advocating for him.

The school got hip to it so they started investigating but he had so many students advocating for him and at the time, I was to, the woman said. and all of us who was well-known on the campus, well thought of, we all started advocating for him and we would find ways that we made sure we could stay on campus.

The woman said that Reverend Drumwright was constantly under scrutiny because people knew what was up with him. She said everybody knew that he was all about money and always tried to get it out of people. 

She said that while she was at A&T, she saw two different Drumwright’s. One was the humble one she had previously mentioned, but this new Drumwright

When I met him, he was really really humble, the woman said. Wore outfits that look like they came out of the beauty supply store, dreads not twisted right, and were just really about Jesus. He didn’t even have a car. Students would be driving him to different places when he needed to go and most of the time he just walked but he really wanted to share a message and that’s who I started following as he followed Christ.

In 2014, according to the woman, Reverend Drumwright started changing after he had got on campus and started gaining a more aggressive student following. The woman said everywhere he went, she went. She said she even followed him to the three different locations he had rented off-campus. One place was called the redeemer, another place was at a theater downtown, and the last place was the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

As Reverend Drumwright starting changing, the woman recalled an event in 2014 that the Citadel of Praise held, which was called “Tea, Colours, and Conture.” The woman said that the members were divided into teams, and Reverend Drumwright was always the cream team. She said that each team had a table they were assigned to.

An Email Sent Out By Reverend Drumwright Inviting Certain Members To The Event.

It was like a rainbow, the woman said. You have to have a table where you decorate the table with colors, have food items that color and then you compete with the other teams of the rainbow. We had to compete to see who raised the most donations and of course the money went to drumwright.

After the event that night, Reverend Drumwright sent an email pressuring members to meet their monetary goals and that they needed to reach out to other team members and tell them that they need to get their donations in. The woman said Reverend Drumwright constantly pressured them to meet monetary goals when he set one.


The Anonymous Woman Provided The North Carolina Beat With This Email.

Everything was just about money to him, the woman said.

The woman said that in 2015, Reverend Drumwright started a million-dollar building fund, and he had so many fundraisers for it that people started questioning it. The woman said that people were confused because they had never seen a building, and Reverend Drumwright wouldn’t talk about a building, so the building fund was a shocker to them.

People started questioning him about all of these building fundraisers, the woman said. And we’re like “we never seen you talk about a building, never seen a tangible building.”

Reverend Drumwright continued to lie and pull tricks, but the church started getting smaller, and people began leaving. It was a great falling away, according to the woman.

There was a great falling away in the church, the woman said. People started leaving because it wasn’t making sense. And when people started falling off and calling Drumwright out on his shit and during the middle of service one day, he yelled “We’re going to buy the gym next door.”

The woman said they were shocked when he said that because they had been using the gym and the building next door to the gym for a minute and never knew once that he wanted to purchase the gym. After the building fund had started, he never said anything about buying anything until people started questioning all of the fundraisers he was coming up with, according to the woman.

Reverend Drumwright started many organizations extending from Citadel of Praise, according to the woman. She recalled a time that he created the “Citadel Foundation Group” to help him raise $1 million. The woman said she would often get constant emails from Reverend Drumwright letting her know that she had not contributed to either of the campaigns in a while.

An Email Sent By Reverend Drumwright To Remind The Woman To Donate.

At the time of this email, the woman said she hadn’t donated. And be mindful, these are college students Reverend Drumwright is demanding these types of donations from.

Seven months later, the woman was finally able to give Reverend Drumwright what he wanted after the continuous and constant manipulation that “whosoever sows sparingly, will reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously.”

Those were the type of things he would say to us to make us sow, the woman said. He always made it seem like that as our pastor that if we didn’t do what he said, we wouldn’t be blessed.

In August of 2015, the woman said she finally had donated $1,000, although he was asking for more. 

An Email Sent By Reverend Drumwright To Remind The Woman That She Paid All Of Her Monies.

When asked if Reverend Drumwright kept his promise about purchasing the facilities, the woman said no. He never purchased anything the building fund was for, according to the woman. Instead, he bought a million-dollar home.

He didn’t buy the buildings but he bought a million-dollar house, the woman said.

A lot of the members started questioning Reverend Drumwright about purchasing a new home, according to the woman. And, of course, he wouldn’t tell them.

Well, in 2017, the woman says a white lady who was a millionaire that wasn’t in her right mind and was going through a bad divorce at the time started following Reverend Drumwright. The woman said that the lady didn’t want anything else to do with Greensboro and wanted to move back to Texas, but before she left, she wanted to sell her home, which is now the home of Citadel of Praise Church and the home of Reverend Drumwright.

The woman said the lady started sowing seeds into the church, thinking she would get a blessing. The woman recalls a time that the lady wrote a check to the church, and Reverend Drumwright got behind the pulpit and said, “We had the biggest donation we ever had in Citadel history,” and the church went into a praise break.

He would say “we had the biggest donation we ever had in citadel history” and the whole church would go into a praise break. And the next thing you know, she moved back to Texas and he was living in her house, the woman said.

The woman said she believed Reverend Drumwright manipulated the lady by telling her to sow and making her think that she would be blessed if she did.

I’m sure he manipulated her, the woman said. She was really not in a good space. Her husband was treating her badly, Leslie was really not in good head space and she was writing the church checks too big for a blessing because her spirit was broken.

When I asked the woman whether she knew if Reverend Drumwright used the church money to move into the home in 2017, she said she didn’t know if he used all of it, but it helped.

According to the Guilford County, North Carolina Register of Deeds, Reverend Drumwright purchased this million-dollar home on October 16, 2020.

Deed Trust From Guilford County, North Carolina Register of Deeds That Reverend Gregory Drumwright Purchased His Home On October 16, 2020.

The purchase of this home came four months after his church, Citadel of Praise, was approved for two PPP loans in the amount of $15,625 and an Economic Injury Disaster Loan in the amount of $83,500 in June of 2020.

June 10th, 2020, Economic Injury Disaster loan approval for Citadel of Praise.

June 9th, 2020, PPP loan approval for Citadel of Praise.

Out of all of the fundraisers for the building fund Reverend Drumwright started, and out of all the money raised by struggling college students, where is the building for the CHURCH? There isn’t one because the million-dollar building fund was for the million-dollar house.

It gets deeper than the manipulation and building fund…In 2016, the woman said that Reverend Drumwright tried to sleep with one of her friends. One late night, she and her guy friend was studying at the library on campus when he gets a text message from Reverend Drumwright around 2:00 a.m.

The text said “come over,” the woman said.

The woman said she didn’t know if Reverend Drumwright had any relationships with men, but she did know that he often tried to solicit relationships with his members.

She went on to say that Reverend Drumwright kept texting her friend, telling him to come over and chill. 

My friend is straight, but he has feminine ways, but he respectfully lets people know that thats not his thing, the woman said.

She said that Reverend Drumwright kept texting her friend asking him what he was doing and would constantly text that he was in the bed chilling.

The woman said her friend was shocked, nervous, and in disbelief that their pastor would be trying to get him to lay in the bed.

My friend was like “yo this is my pastor,” in disbelief of the messages Drumwright was sending him, according to the woman.

According to the woman, her friend text Reverend Drumwright back and told him that he didn’t have a car in which then Reverend Drumwright responded, telling him to say to a friend that he has a “meeting with the pastor” and ask if they could drop him off.

My friend was like “that doesn’t even make sense. Where are we having a meeting at and for what at 2 AM in the morning”, the woman said.

The woman said the next day, her friend was depressed and worried if Reverend Drumwright would be mad at him because he disobeyed.

When Reverend Drumwright didn’t get his way, he got his way.

The woman said that Reverend Drumwright just wanted to have control, so he made some students who joined the ministry leaders.

According to the woman, when things didn’t go the way Reverend Drumwright wanted them to, he would have “Rebuke Meetings,” where he would ridicule and belittle his leaders.

He would have rebuke meetings with the leaders of the church, the woman said. He would bring everyone together to tell them what they were doing wrong and it was basically a public humiliation tactic. You would be told in front of all of your peers how you were failing and how it was costing the ministry. He would say things like “had you been doing what you were supposed to, the ministry would be further than what it is.”

The woman said that although she and others didn’t get rebuked, it really didn’t affect her at the time, but now when she looks back, it does.

It didn’t really affect me then, but now that some of the students are in therapy, having unhealthy coping mechanisms and just mentally not where they should be as adults, I’m like Woah, that was really not okay, the woman said.

The woman said Reverend Drumwright was very controlling. He was controlling their personal lives and would tell them whom they could and couldn’t date.

He didn’t really want people dating outside of the church but he also didn’t want you dating inside the church without his permission, the woman said. The same way a girl would ask for her father’s hand in marriage, he thought that our potential dating partners should ask him for his hand in dating.

The woman said she had friends outside of campus and ministry telling her that she didn’t have to tell Reverend Drumwright who she was dating or where she was going. But at the time, she thought it was the God thing to do and thought it was necessary to ask her ‘spiritual father’ for permission to date.

The manipulation and control they were subjected to by Reverend Drumwright just put him in knowing his member’s every move.

He kept telling me that he didn’t approve of my relationship and the rest of the cult were saying that I was not in accordance with God’s will.

The woman said Reverend Drumwright wouldn’t let them join fraternities, sororities, or any other organization that would take up their time from him.

A young man who sung on Reverend Drumwright’s praise team wasn’t allowed to join gospel choirs that took him away from Citadel of Praise Church, according to the woman. She said the young man had to choose between gospel choir or lead the praise team at Citadel, and he chose gospel choir.

We actually had one person in the group that’s a professional musician, and Um, he wasn’t allowed to join gospel choirs because that took him away from Citadel. He had to choose between gospel choir or lead the praise team at Citadel and praise God he chose gospel choir.

The woman said with Reverend Drumwright; you could never get ahead or do anything you wanted.

You could never get your money up, the woman said. You could never get no type of savings, you could never get ahead with your finances, because every time you get two steps ahead, he wanted 10 steps of your money.

The woman said off the top of her head; she believed she gave more than almost $4,000 as a college student to Reverend Drumwright. The woman provided receipts below.

Citadel Of Praise Giving Summary For Woman.

Citadel Of Praise Giving Summary For Woman.

Citadel Of Praise Giving Summary For Woman.

During the Spring years of 2013-2017, Citadel of Praise would have a “Campus Cabaret Masquerade Affair,” and each student would be responsible for ten tickets, which would eventually become 20 that they had to sell, according to the woman.

Event Woman Says They Were Responsible For Selling Tickets For.

The woman said that if they didn’t sell their tickets, they had to pay Reverend Drumwright out of their own pockets.

He would give us 10 of those tickets and they eventually went up to 20 and you would be responsible for those tickets whether you sold them or not, the woman said. If you didn’t sell em you just had to pay him. So, just imagine being a broke college student and your parents are sending you like $60 dollars every two weeks when they get paid and you always trying to chip away to make sure Drumwright get his cut.

The woman said all of their money would go to Reverend Drumwright. Although they had to get permission to leave out of town or go places, he wouldn’t say anything if he knew whoever was going out would pay him when it was time. The woman said she was one of those members.

He didn’t care about my absence as long I ran him that check, the woman said. The more I was away and was meeting different people, I just couldn’t explain my situation back in Greensboro, because it’s not normal. It’s not okay and the fact that I had to be ashamed of it and it supposed to be a god thing is telling me its not right.

The woman said that she started seeing things in a new light when she returned to Greensboro from out of town. Through receipts, she found out that Reverend Drumwright had been using the church’s money to pay for his luxury lifestyles. She said there were hotel purchases, coach products purchases, and more personal things he was purchasing with the church’s money.

He was spending money from the church account for his own personal reasons, the woman said.

When people would check him and call him out on his bullshit after they found out things, he would stand behind the pulpit and say demons possessed them.

The woman said her mental health started declining, and she battled depression because of the things she and others were subjected to by Reverend Drumwright.

They had to check in with him, check out with him, and give all of their savings and checkings to him so that he would be satisfied. And if they didn’t, he would embarrass them in front of the church or the rebuke meetings.

It led to to my decline in mental health and depression, the woman said. Definetly because I went throught it but also because he’s so adamant about each one bring one, everybody bring people with you, this is a great teaching, a great thing we’re doing here, bring everybody.


It would be rough for Reverend Drumwright during the summer months because all of the students were going home for the summer. The woman said he lost so much money because students were away that he purchased two houses and called them “Citadel Houses.” According to the woman, Reverend Drumwright would lease each bedroom in the homes to students to stay in Greensboro.

And so you rent a cheap room at the Citadel House but the condition is you must be in attendance at services, and be a regular tithing member, the woman said.

This man was charging his members to stay in a home for the summer so that he would have some income coming in during the summer months.

Another one of Reverend Drumwright’s tactics was to have the “Pastoral Ministry” reach out to students to donate to him.

The woman recalled receiving an email one time from “Pastoral Care” during the summer of 2015, and they were telling them to not “neglect the opportunity of being a blessing to the man (Reverend Drumwright) of God,” according to an email.

The email continued to read, discussing their celebration for Reverend Drumwright for Father’s day because he had been a father to them. The email even quoted 1 Timothy 5:17, a scripture used to justify why they should give to Reverend Drumwright.

Email The Woman Received From Pastoral Care About Sowing Into Reverend Drumwright.

It has definitely gone beyond wanting to have power over other people’s mind, because the power is not enough. He can tell these people to jump and how high but that’s not enough. They have to run him his money too, the woman said.

Pastoral Care was a ministry part of Citadel of Praise Church, where the women would clean up Reverend Drumwright’s house, and the men kept up his lawn, according to the woman.

I was not a member of that, the woman said. I felt like they did too much.

The woman received one email for the DreamTeam where Pastoral Care thanked those who contributed to a devotional book for Reverend Drumwright. In the email, $50 was being asked of every DreamTeam member, and it also stated, “Let’s keep in mind family that Pastor Drumwright deserves to be shown honor, and this is a great way to do.”

The woman said a lot was going on. She said he would have an issue with people who got job opportunities outside of Greensboro.

He would say over the pulpit to people who may have told him about job opportunities in places outside of Greensboro that  “if God planted you in Greensboro, you can’t grow in New York” or wherever it was they had got a job opportunity at, the woman said.

She said Reverend Drumwright told them things like their lights should get turned off before his, and that they couldn’t fail at taking care of God’s house and expect their house to be blessed.

One year Citadel of Praise went on a prayer retreat in the mountains of North Carolina, and some people didn’t come because of previously scheduled plans, according to the woman.

The prayer retreat was $100, the woman said.

The woman said that Reverend Drumwright said at the prayer retreat that the people who did not come were on their way to a burning hell, and “this $100 prayer retreat was the only thing going to save them.”

I’m telling you all of these things Gerald, but at the time in my brainwashed mind, I could justify these things, the woman said. We prayed every 12 am, 12 pm, 6 am, and 6 pm. We tarried and it was overwhelming, the woman said. He said alot of strange things and there was no one to hold him accountable. We were all sleep deprived.

She said Reverend Drumwright downloaded a lot into his leaders at the prayer retreat and told them that they would take over the city of Greensboro.

During the prayer retreat, the woman recalled a moment when he told them how he chose the name “Citadel” and made them memorize its definition, according to the woman.

He chose the name citadel because it is defined as “a fortress that commands a city and is used in control of the inhabitants,” the woman said. We all needed to memorize that defintion. 

The woman said he also told them that God was going to make him surpass Bishop T.D. Jakes, and John P. Kee. She said she believed he threw their names out there because he tried to work with them both, and they refused.

They didn’t take him seriously, the woman said. He told us that he would be rolling in a bentley and the was going to buy it for him because he deserved it for all of his tireless work over our souls.

That was it, according to the woman. She said Reverend Drumwright trained them to deal with people who wanted them to leave the ministry or question him.

We got training on how to manage parents, friends, and or teachers who may try to get us to leave the church or question him, the woman said.

In 2015, Reverend Drumwright started a campaign called “The Image Campaign.” According to the woman, Reverend Drumwright would tell them that there would be millionaires visiting the church donating, and they needed to have a certain image. She said so he told them about a vision he had of purple carpet and chairs.

The Image Campaign Started By Reverend Drumwright.

He told us that God said we was going to pay for the chairs for him, the woman said.

The woman said the chairs were $35 each, and each member was supposed to pay for three each. On Sundays, he would put the names of the people who paid for their three chairs on a projector on both sides of the church and made the people who didn’t pay stand.

He picked out the chairs, they were $35 each and we were all supposed to pay for three each, the woman said. Every sunday he would put the names of the people who paid on a projector on both sides of the church and he would have everyone who hadn’t paid, stand up and of course you didn’t want to be shamed, so the chairs got paid for quicker than any other thing he started.

The woman provided an email she received from Reverend Drumwright about how many chairs they had that he kept count of.

Email Reverend Drumwright Sent Woman About Her Chairs She Owed For The Image Campaign.

Reverend Gregory Drumwright had these students’ minds all out of whack. Students would be failing their classes, and they will say things like, “God is going to bring me through it and make sure I pass,” according to the woman. He did nothing to make sure that his members were passing their classes. To me, it sounded like Reverend Drumwright was forcing them to grow up in his ministry under his cult leadership.

He would tell them that if they needed to take another semester then go ahead so they could be next to him, to be next to God, the woman said.

According to the woman, students who were failing would come to “Miracle Mondays” that the church would have at the end of every semester. She said Reverend Drumwright would have people lay at the altar, anoint them and pray over them for their upcoming tests.

He would preach and say “if you didn’t get any work done, hadn’t been to class because you’ve been following ministry, God is going to bless you and pass you anyway” and people would fall out the woman said. They all failed, and they would come back and say “Glory to God. I failed but that mean I can take summer classes and be with the ministry.”

According to the woman, when Reverend Drumwright had engagements, he would ridicule some of his member’s clothing.

According to the woman, one lady who attended the church that did hair, Reverend Drumwright told her that she should be ashamed of how her sister’s heads were looking and that she should make it her priority to make them look better because it was making him look bad.

Later on, during a women’s conference, the girl had to sew about 15 wigs for women in the ministry whom Reverend Drumwright said couldn’t do their hair, according to the woman.

She had to do the wigs well enough to his standards where it didn’t embarrass him, the woman said.

In 2016, the woman recalled a time that Reverend Drumwright first got into social justice.

It was never about the people, the woman said. It was about him wanting to appear great. He even sold it to all of us like ‘don’t you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself’?

The woman said it started with the Southern Baptist Convention.

He had all of us take off school during the time we were close to finals because he didn’t care about what we had going on, just what he had going on. We went up to Virginia and he stormed these people planning a convention. They were literally having a meeting about how they were going to bring souls to Christ. It was white people planning Christian conferences and Drumwright told us that they were anti-black and they were the kkk of the Christian community and we’re storming their conference. So, we dressed in all black and stormed their planning meeting and stood in there with picket signs and Drumwright had us chanting in the middle of their conference, the woman said.

He told them that if they got arrested, they just got arrested. The woman said he told them that ‘no great man didn’t get arrested over social justice, and that means you’re one step closer to greatness.’

It was pure chaos, the woman said. He was really angry because they didn’t allow him to have a leadership position. He doesn’t ever want to work up the ranks of anything. He literally just wants leadership positions.

As days, months, and years progress, the woman said things just got worse for members of Citadel of Praise Church.

The woman said Drumwright made them pay $100 for the “Freedom Fast.”

Email Of Receipt To Reverend Gregory Drumwright For The Freedom Fast.

The freedom fast was where he called a fast to get everyone back in line because people were dating and being “disobedient.”

The woman said at some point in the n 2000‘s Reverend Drumwright was fired from his job at Guilford County Schools. When asked how he got fired the woman said she wasn’t sure but she heard it was because he was allegedly having inappropriate relationships with students.

I heard it was because he was having inappropriate relationships with students but I can’t confirm that, the woman said.

During further investigating into Reverend Gregory Drumwright, we found that another woman came out on Instagram and made a post about her abuse and treatment at the hands of this wolf in sheep clothing.

We have placed a mosaic filter on the woman, but in her original post, these are pictures with her and Reverend Drumright. She blurred him out.

Then her story…

The woman also wrote a letter to the Chancellors of A&T.

[pdf-embedder url=””]

He preyed on people’s weakness, the woman said.

In 2018, the chancellors of North Carolina A&T were informed that Reverend Gregory Drumwright was running a money-hungry cult disguised as a church and campus ministry.

The woman said a board hearing was scheduled, and Reverend Drumwright was told to never be on the campus of A&T with Citadel again. 


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”JONES_Nathaniel Petition to North Carolina A&T SU-1″]

I was brainwashed by him at a point, the woman said. I believed myself to be working for the Lord and my intentions were pure. He would like and say all of the money was funding ministry but the older I got, the more questions I had. We were to “submit to him without question.” 

When I realized the truth and saw evidence of him using the church’s money for his designer clothing habits, hotels, fancy cars, I had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized.

The woman said she was mentally sick to know that someone had taken advantage of her and so many other good people for his financial gain.

I was even more sick to know that I HELPED him do it because I simply didn’t know better, the woman said. It took a long time to bounce back. But when I did, he was off the campus of my alma mater for once and for all. My hope was that what happened to me wouldn’t happened to anyone else.

The woman said that Reverend Drumwright is an ally to no one but himself.

He wants to be seen and he wants to be paid, the woman said. That’s it.

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It’s despicable how some of these churches take advantage of people. It’s equally sad, when people feel they can’t say no or recognize when they are being manipulated.

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