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Raleigh mother says her cousin tried to kill her and two daughters

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(Raleigh, North Carolina)– A Raleigh mother is telling her story about a nightmare she and her two daughters went through earlier this week.

Jasmine Tucker says her cousin has been mad at her ever since Tucker’s best friend had an affair with her cousin’s boyfriend a year ago. 

21-year-old Peyton King faced a Wake County Judge Thursday afternoon, who told her that she could face up to five years in prison if she’s convicted. King is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and two counts of assault on a child under 12.

Tucker told local reporters that she was sitting on the back porch of her brother’s home on Garner Road in downtown Raleigh on Wednesday as her four and five-year-old daughters played in the yard.

A car with her cousin King and two men inside came up, got out with guns and started firing.

She said she grabbed her girls and hid behind her car. 

I was praying. I was scared, crying. I was more worried about the girls. I wasn’t really worried about myself. Of course I was using my body to shield them,” she said.

Tucker said her cousin was yelling at her and giving the two men orders. 

She’s going to die today. She’s going to die today. That bitch is going to die today. Make sure you don’t miss the kids,” she quoted what she heard her cousin saying.

Couldn’t believe my own cousin would try to kill me, she said.

Tucker recalled her cousin walking around the car pointing the gun at her and the girls.

It just kept making a clicking noise. So I’m assuming all the bullets were gone or the gun jammed. And then that’s when they ran back to the car, she said.

Tucker said that she hopes her cousin gets everything coming for her.


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