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Preschool in Hawaii claims they ‘accidentally ‘served students with Pine-sol

A school in Honolulu, Hawaii tried to kill preschool students when they were “accidentally” given Pine-Sol instead of apple juice during snack time.

KHON2 reported that it happened Tuesday at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool in Honolulu.

Three students had to be evaluated by emergency responders.

A classroom assistant was preparing morning snacks in the kitchen and saw the yellow and brown colored liquid container on a clean-up cart.

The assistant then poured the Pine-Sol in glasses and served it to the students, ages 4 and 5, thinking it was apple juice, according to a report.

(The lies! The lies! Who can’t smell Pine-Sol as strong as it!?)

It is reported that a teacher smelled the Pine-Sol and realized it wasn’t apple juice and stopped students from drinking it.

(Since when does apple juice find its storage on a clean-up cart?)

The health department’s report includes the following notes:

Spoke to the director about the complaint and events leading up to the incidence. She stated the morning snacks were being prepared by the classroom assistant in the kitchen. The snacks consisted of dry crackers and juice. The assistant saw the yellow/brown colored liquid container on a clean-up cart in the kitchen and returned to the classroom with the crackers and container with liquid.

The assistant poured the liquid into cups as the classroom teacher oversaw the students at the restroom. The classroom teacher smelled that it was not apple juice and stopped the students from drinking it.

The liquid was in the original Pine-Sol container and properly labeled. The cart has no food items on or in it, a rubbish can and cleaning supplies are stored on this cart.

The cleaning supplies are stored below the kitchen sink and in the janitor’s room. All the food items in the kitchen are properly stored and labeled in the kitchen cabinets.

Officials say the person who served the students Pine-Sol no longer works at the school.



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Written by Gerald Jackson

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