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Pastor of The Greater Church of Winston-Salem wife spotted on boat DRUNKER than a cooterbrown

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Gerald Jackson
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Word On The Curb…the Co-Pastor of The Greater Church, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was spotted on an alcohol boat getting DRUNKER THAN A COOTER BROWN, and We The People Say, WE KNEWD IT!

We don’t know what close relations the woman doing all of the filming has with Co-Pastor Joyce McCarter, but we know that she isn’t any type of friend because of how she had Co-Pastor Joyce plastered on that camera looking pissy drunk like that. These folks never loved you Joyce.

Joyce McCarter

Joyce is the wife of Bishop Sheldon McCarter, the man who couldn’t rub two nickels together to keep his now foreclosed church, formerly known as Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church and the man who recently told his church to kiss his dookie shoot. (Click HERE if you missed that story)

Bishop Sheldon & Co-Pastor Joyce McCarter.

God is still exposing them for who they really are after all they have done and tried to get away with. Bishop Sheldon and Co-Pastor Joyce want us to believe that they are a man and woman of God, but they are nothing but preachers begging for money by day and a whole lot of bullshit by night. So how is it that God is telling y’all about everybody else, but he isn’t telling y’all about yourself? Oop! God, don’t even know Y’ALL!

Co-Pastor Joyce was not drunk in the spirit when she was seen on video clear as day toasting two other women she was with. But, she was so drunk that somebody could’ve slapped her ass right over the boat, and she would’ve thought she jumped in the water. Is this the kind of carrying on the people over at the Lesser Church is paying for? Boat rides and alcohol? Now, we are getting an understanding of why this struggling Bishop couldn’t pay for his church. 

I’m reminded in the word of God in Luke 12:2-3:

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

We might as well say God is JEHOVAPULLACOVER too because he is pulling all the comforters off these fake wanna-be pastors.

Co-Pastor Joyce has a lot of explaining about why she was pissy drunk on a boat. And will Bishop Neil C. Ellis hold her husband, Bishop Sheldon, responsible for not being a leader and chastising his wife for embarrassing the Global United Fellowship?

In the video below, Co-Pastor Joyce makes wishes and makes a toast. It’s unclear how many more drinks Co-Pastor Joyce had while the cameras weren’t rolling, but one former member who was close to the couple says that Joyce always gets drunk and they were shocked that she would even let someone record her like this. 

Joyce is in the white with the beach hat on.


This is a shame before God and this is what happens when you play church. 

The video is said to have been taken in August of 2021 and was recently discovered. It doesn’t matter how old the video is because no one standing behind the pulpit should be drinking alcohol, period. This video validates Joyce and her feminine husband’s secret and reckless lives.

It’s a shame that Joyce can get drunk and then run to church on Sunday and rebuke people for doing the same thing she’s doing. 

Hopefully, the next time Co-Pastor Joyce falls on her swollen knees, it’s to repent and ask God to save her soul and not to eat her husband, Bishop Sheldon’s ass, like cornbread.

If you have more information about Bishop Sheldon & Joyce McCarter, or a story the public should know about, send it to newstip@thencbeat.com.

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