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Onslow County sheriff contradicts himself in recent interview, call WCTI 12 and WITN “fake news”

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A North Carolina sheriff is claiming “FAKE NEWS” after he was in a recent interview talking about issuing citations to motorists who violate Governor Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order.

Sheriff Hans Miller of the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department in Onslow County, North Carolina is claiming that he did not say certain things in a recent interview, calling the news stations he appeared on, fake news.

In the inconsequential interview, Miller said that his department would be stopping motorists and issuing them fliers if they are spotted disobeying Governor Cooper’s order.

The fliers would warn the motorists of what they are allowed to do when they leave their house. The sheriff said that his deputies would then issue a state citation if the same motorists are caught a second time violating the Governor’s order.

It seems like the sheriff department, a proclaimed professional agency would also be violating the Governor’s order by approaching motorists closer than 6 f.t. away.

Sheriff Miller is claiming that he did not say any of the things posted in the local articles.

The sheriff took to his Facebook page to express his feeble emotions. (READ THE SCREENSHOT BELOW)


The sheriff says that his department does not stop motorists to check out where they are going and for what reason.

Clearly, during a routine traffic stop, deputies DO stop motorists to find out where they are going and for what reason. And CLEARLY, to give motorists fliers and citations for violating Governor Cooper’s executive order…it would include you knowing where a motorist is going and for what reason.

Although sheriff Miller’s department has a history of stop & frisk, he’s right, his deputies wouldn’t need to know where you are going and for what reason. Because they conduct traffic stops just to run your name…for NO REASON!

Sheriff Miller is claiming that the NOT GETTING THE FACTS RIGHT news station WCTI News Channel 12 and WITN are not reporting the truth.

The sheriff has a history of contradicting himself. About two weeks ago, the sheriff said that he believed every American has a constitutional right to assemble and go wherever they want and that his office would not “overreach.”

Well, sheriff, what do you call this? Because clearly you’re the only sheriff in the state overreaching. (READ THE SCREENSHOTS BELOW)

He said that the local stations should have reported to viewers to “Use Common Sense”, something he did NOT use or say in his interview.

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Happy Sunshine
Happy Sunshine

Oh god bless you Gerald! I’ve been waiting for you to post news or something about our ever comical, always back pedaling, radical racist, egomaniacal, two faced bigoted sheriff. Thank you so much for the glorious laughter once again!!! He thinks it’s only a few news reporters or commentators that report about him. And he truly believes taking down his posts will prove he’s been wronged!! I can’t even type this with a straight face. I’m laughing too hard. Does he truly not comprehend his entire policing history to some degree is still available and not at all forgotten. Has… Read more »