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New NC bill will legalize possession of up to four ounces of Marijuana, no legal ramifications

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Recreational use of Marijuana could possibly become legal in North Carolina, according to some North Carolina lawmakers.

A new bill introduced would legalize possession of up to four ounces of marijuana that will carry no criminal punishment.

The bill co-sponsor, Paul Lowe Jr., said it’s about decriminalization more than legalizing the drug.

“We’re criminalizing more and more people that probably shouldn’t be criminalized. Something should be done, but they shouldn’t be criminalized,” Lowe said.

Some leaders oppose the bill and suggest that the drug will only encourage more people to use it.

The rules comittie is expected to rule on where the bill goes next.

North Carolina does not have a formal medical marijuana law but nearly two dozen states approve marijuana for medicanal purposes, while 10 states allow it for recreational use.

What are your thoughts on the new bill?


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54 thoughts on “New NC bill will legalize possession of up to four ounces of Marijuana, no legal ramifications

  1. If u can legalize alchol u might as well do marijuania .get a disease it helps with. u will vote for it then…..i dont smoke or drink but i would love to try it for my diabeties nausea is horrible with this disease along with pain… dont like alchol its a dangerous thing…. but its legal…..way more dangerous than pot ..get it together nc..get u some dollars in here too..

    1. Let’s just get the Bill passed recreational or medical purposes it’s beneficial to your Health and axiety…

  2. I agree it should be legalized. It helps people a lot with sickness and mood swings. I know it (helped) me. I have mood swings and depression it (helped) a lot.

  3. They should legalize marijuana it’s not a harmful drug! People should do their research and see all benefits that comes with marijuana!

  4. This should be legal for goodness sake i smoked with my brother that has the rarest form of mutiple sycrosis and he was able to walk!!!!! Not stuck in his wheelchair I thought I was gonna cry … Until he can’t even afford it needs to be legal for sure all that damn medicine from Philadelphia and so called miracle doctors up there bunch of BS to me legalize it

  5. Legal Marijuana is proven to bring in three times more tax revenue than alcohol, it’s less harmful and addicting than cigarettes, and it treats so many chronic conditions and diseases. The potentials for it are endless. Hope legalization is truly coming.

  6. They should legalize it and produce products. Use they old Philip-Morris building in Concord, NC and bring back the 1500 jobs to the area. I heard to legalize it, you need to have lobbyist.. Who is going to get this started?

  7. Legalize for recreational use. It has all sorts of benefits for all sorts of people and not everyone can afford to go to the doctor and pay for their prescription so make it easier and must let whoever use it for whatever. Especially since it helps with pain, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, seizures, Parkinson’s, ect.

  8. Marijuana should be legalized in the state of Nc it helps with many different illnesses as well…It helps people with depression, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, weight gain…etc..Marijuana is an herb not a drug..The medications given at the e.r is way more dangerous than smoking pot..Have your ever heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana???Its not possible..If you legalize marijuana the world would be an much happier place!

  9. It’s literally a plant, first off? Please for the love of god legalize it. The stoners aren’t going to be robbing any banks, or very quickly at least, and the people who need it for medical purposes will actually feel feel better. I mean why were we already not on board from the jump? I honestly think its a no-brainer.

  10. Absolutely I believe marijuana should be legalized in NC. Plenty of money can be made off of it and as far as regulating it, alcohol is a disgrace at many points bc there is no possible way to regulate sales for it. Either way, the state gets their money and humans act a fool. With marijuana though, people tend to be a lot more calmer in any situation. Everyone is different, just do what your own limits are. I really hope this bill gets passed.

  11. I think it should be legalized so many people who have issues and diseases smoke and it helps cure them and get it under control. Everyone looks at it as a drug but in all reality it isn’t a drug by any means. God created the heaven and earth including plants animal life human life and such. And it’s a plant that came from the ground!! So there for it is god man made. I speak from personal experience that it helps. I have and suffer from severe mental depression mode and bi polar and elliptic seizures at times and when i smoke im calm and my self and my body is relaxed

  12. I think it’s a good start. But the government needs to be kept out of it. Sure tax it but all revenue from taxes goes back to the state and used to combat the opioid crisis.

  13. My pap paw did marijuana when he had cancer he died but the marijuana helped ease his pain. My sister uses marijuana to help with her seizures and she used to have up to 6 epileptic episodes a day now she has one or none a week. It would help people it should be legalized HELP THE PEOPLE FROM THE PEOPLE

  14. The maker gave us this plant for a reason and they’re charging us for it. I treat my MS with the best i can find and its quite ridiculous what i got to do.

  15. I see all these comments”leagalize it… it’s great… it’s just a plant” etc etc etc… ..but the fact is…and mean that literally.. the FACT… it lowers your i.q….. so yeah… that’s exactly what we need.. lower i.q. people in North Carolina… those who disagree are already there obviously.

      1. You are correct Todd.

        Timothy just proved a major part of the problem with the enabler language and propaganda in North Carolina. Cannabis prohibition was already RACIST to begin with via Anslinger and DuPont, and last time I checked, North Carolina is still below the mason/Dixon line.

    1. No offense, but have you studied what it actually does to your brain cells? It actually enhances your brain cells, and makes you smarter. It was just an old wise tell. People just told people that marijuana kills your brain cells just to scare people from using it. But study shows different. And yes short term memory loss is a real thing but only while on it. And the marijuana they grow now is way better than the stuff from the 60’s. Less short term memory loss, less paranoia, less sleepiness, less munchies, ect…

    2. My i.q. is better than average. And my mind is also open. Pot absolutely does not lower a person’s i.q. I smoked it for years. I only stopped because of the laws and drug testing for my job. And I can guarantee you’d love to have my “low i.q.” pay check. Trust me the people your talking about already had an i.q. at your level. Open your mind and stop listening to everything you hear.

    3. Hahahaha, it lowers your IQ!!!!! WRONG GENIUS!! I am nationally recognized for my grades in COLLEGE. I am a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and yes I accomplished this while smoking Marijuana for my PTSD, TBI, anxiety, and pain in my body as I am a combat veteran. I suggest before you post a comment on the future on anything or in life in general, you get some knowledge and educate yourself. You sound like a baffoon.

    4. Wow. Nobody here is gonna judge you for being so ignorant. (Just kidding) I suffer from a tbi, severe depression and anxiety disorders and even with all that my IQ is probably double what yours is. Marijuana helps me forget all my pain and gives me a feeling that I often can’t find anymore. Joy.

    5. You sound dumber than a box of rocks… Ive smoked weed since I was 10 and Im now 34 and just a smart as the day I started smoking… My IQ hasnt changed not one point in all my years of drugs

  16. Like really I don’t See what’s the big deal about legalizing marijuana,,Cigarettes are addictive and kills people every day but it’s legal,,tell me why is that,,,I’ll tell you it’s big money

    1. They would rather see us dead or in jail , smoking really helps in the long run . But the government only wants to get people caught up so they contain an protect the people. I just don’t understand, smoking releases a lot of stress.

  17. I would like to see medical marijuana here in NC. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I cant take Morton any more due to stomach problems.

  18. Legalize! Decriminalize! We all just trying to maintain and ease our mental. Being arrested and charged for a few grams is senseless.

  19. Timothy, i don’t know about the lower iq bit, very subjective and not enough proof. But, one thing smoking pot does do is slow down the mind and cause apathy. As a reformed stoner, I say legalize it! If the younger generation wants to be slower and apathetic go for it. it makes competition for us “non-smokers” a lot easier, albeit its a selfish viewpoint on our side bt I dont see a line if stoners outside my door wanting to pay my bills. No serious preson who wants the best from life fights for the right to smoke pot legally and no one outside those content living in a parents basement really believes legalizing pot is a good thing, it makes no sense. The VAST majority of people wanting it legal have no medical or mental/physical affliction, thats a ruse for sympathy. So I say legalize it! Makes my life easier and less concerned for my future, its a win win and I for dam sure won’t end up playing PS3 games in a basement!

    1. Lol…you’re dense as hell. I love how you put being stuck in the basement playing a PS3 (old system btw) in your pathetic rebuttal. It proves how unintelligent you truly are. There is an abundant amount of users who have successful businesses, work successfully, and are definitely skilled.

      You are the apathetic and lazy one. I love how people like you try and put their experience onto someone else. That is how YOU are. Not everyone else. Your poor mention of an insult by using PS3 also constitutes your ignorance of today’s society. Working twice as hard for twice as less. Get outta here.

  20. Please just legalize marijuana in North Carolina. Marijuana is not a drug. It is a medicinal plant. It has many therapeutic benefits and doesn’t have the side effects of harmful pharmaceutical drugs. It would also solve the opioid epidemic. Sixty three thousand people died in this country last year from mostly unintentional opioid overdoses. I have never heard of any one dying from a marijuana overdose. It helps those who suffer with chronic pain. Let’s stop their pain and give them back their lives. It also kills cancer cells and is also a treatment for many other diseases. Unfortunately marijuana has been demonized by politicians and pharmaceutical companies. The scientific research that supports the medical benefits of marijuana has been buried since the 1960’s because of greed. It has recently surfaced and I have read all of it. This is a disgrace to our elected officials, wealthy lobbists for pharmaceutical companies and anyone else involved. Come on North Carolina law makers and do the right thing, decriminalize and legalize marijuana. It would save many lives and end much suffering. If you want my support at the poles next term legalize it. Please read the scientific research on marijuana. There is much research on it.

  21. I think it would be awesome if we did more jobs more money less crime it helps with certain illnesses and can help with cancer for those who dont want chemo, weed is not an addictive drug its 100x better than beer and cigarettes which cause cancer btw and you cant over dose on weed its completely safe yes it does mess with you’re memory but it doesnt lower an IQ like beer does js do some research and you’ll find out that’s it’s a good alternative drug than chemo, alcahol, pain killers ect. Marijuana should be legal to grow to consume for anything

  22. I think it should be legalized period!! I am bipolar hyper manic and I’d rather use marijuana or CBD oils than any prescription medication my doctors try and give me. When I was on the medications my doctors gave me I could not function properly or hold down a job due to the effects of the medication. Causes more mood swings so they say”here I just heard about a new med that I think will work.. they were all eating my white cells and effecting my liver and pancreas. So I SAY YES LETS LEGALIZE IT!!

  23. I cant believe we are now only talking about it when so many other states have been on board a long time. GET ON BOARD NORTH CAROLINA!! Alchohol and disgusting cigarettes are legal when they take so many lives every year but we cant smoke a joint without the paranoia of going in front of a judge, paying a boat load of fines, and even worse, jail time. Get it together North Carolina….

  24. Me personally i feel like legalizing marijuana period would be a good thing for medical and recreational use. Its alot of people out here that it would be very beneficial to. Its a herb that grows from the ground its all natural. You hear people out here overdosing on all these hard drugs killing themselves and overdosing messing up their bodies, committing crimes and doing stupid stuff but not once do you hear it come from being on marijuana. If alcohol can be leagilized and cigarettes then there shouldn’t be a reason that marijuana cant be as well it would also bring in more money to the state.

  25. Should be legal. Taxed when sold like cigarettes and alcohol. But you should be able to grow your own. We need the crop. And the revenue.

  26. These idiots are still trying to convince those that know better that Cannabis is a Drug. Just how stupid are they, the unknowing?

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