NC Hospital say Scottland County DSS abandoned child they have legal custody of since Feb

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A North Carolina hospital filed an emergency motion in Laurinburg on June 28, 2022, after Scotland County Department of Social Services refused to pick up a child they have legal custodian of.

According to the emergency motion obtained by The North Carolina Beat, On February 15, 2022, Scotland County DSS took then 8-year-old TaQueria Tyson to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for mental health evaluation and treatment. Scotland County DSS, who had custody of TaQueria prior, consented to the evaluation and treatment. Seven days later, on February 22, 2022, it was determined by TaQueria’s psychiatrist, Dr. Claudine Carter, “that there was no medical necessity for minor child T.T. to be admitted for inpatient treatment or to remain in NHRMC’S Emergency Department for mental health and that T.T. should be discharged to the custody and care of Scotland County DSS, her legal custodian, to arrange for appropriate outpatient care and resources on behalf of minor child T.T.”

9-year-old TaQueria Tyson.

Clearly, Dr. Carter concluded that TaQueria did not require any mental health treatment, and that she was ready to be discharged back to Scotland DSS custody, and there was no need for her to remain at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

As of June 28, 2022, the day this motion was filed, the motion states “T.T. has remained in NHRMC Emergency Department without medical necessity for One Hundred and Twenty-Five (125) days. Scotland County DSS has the responsibility to identify and arrange for appropriate outpatient placement and services and to provide for the health and welfare of minor child T.T., but has essentially abandoned this child, who just celebrated her 9th birthday in the NHRMC Emergency Department where she has resided since February.”

This is the New Hanover Regional Medical Center telling the courts of law that Scotland County DSS has “essentially abandoned this child.” 

The hospital said in their motion that Scotland County DSS has not visited TaQueria with “any regularity, nor has it arranged for any adult supervision of minor child T.T. despite repeated efforts by NHRMC to request same (as would be expected for any other minor child in NHRMC’S Emergency Department.)”

New Hanover Regional Medical Center says they’ve had to arrange for a 24/7 sitter to be present with TaQueria on a 1:1 basis for her duration of her stay in the Emergency Department at NHRMC’S cost and expense. This is so SAD!

In addition, throughout the course of minor child T.T.’s lengthy stay in the Emergency Department, Scotland County DSS has not meaningfully provided minor child T.T.’s educational needs, despite repeated requests by minor child T.T’s care team and the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, Dr. Carter, the motion states.

Only recently, on June 8, 2022, did Scotland DSS “arrange for T.T. to begin having in-person education for three hours per week.”

Scotland County DSS has failed to provide for minor child T.T.’s social needs while she has resided in the NHRMC Emergency Department beginning in February, 2022, the motion states. Despite the best efforts of minor child T.T.’s providers and social work teams who are responsible for many other patients in varying states of illness and injury, minor child T.T. has been largely confined to a single room within the Emergency Department with no meaningful opportunity for interaction with other children, outdoor activities, or even a peaceful environment, given the loud, chaotic nature of the NHRMC Emergency Department (the region’s only Level II Trauma Center), the motion continues.

This is what the system does to people’s children. They take them from homes they claim they need to be taken from and then treat them like they are nothing or nobody. The truth of the matter is, the same system that took this baby from her mother, need to take her from Scotland DSS and give her back to her mother.

The New Hanover Regional Medical Center also states that Scotland County DSS failed to provide remedial care for TaQueria despite them recommending that she get therapy and different interventions available in the outpatient setting to address her behavioral issues “which have been exacerbated by minor child T.T.’s current circumstances (namely her continued residence in NHRMC Emergency Department, which is not a therapeutic living environment for a 9-year-old child).”

The hospital concluded in their motion to the court that “minor child T.T’s protracted stay at NHRMC without medical necessity and without access to proper education and social resources poses a substantial risk of harm to T.T.”

READ THE FULL MOTION BELOW: (Motion Starts At Page 4)


TaQueria’s mother, TaQuella Tyson, told The North Carolina Beat how she lost her five children and has now done everything she can to get them back, but the courts still won’t give them to her.

TaQuella said she and her children were living with her aunt at the time, and she didn’t know her aunt was moving, so she and her children had to find a new home quickly.

I got a hotel room, and we were living there, TaQuella said. Somehow somebody call DSS on me and they came out there and said they had a report of neglect, substance abuse, and that I didn’t have nowhere to live.

Scotland DSS told TaQuella that they needed to take her children because she didn’t have a place to call home. TaQuella said after her children were taken, a case planner was assigned to her. The plan entailed her getting appropriate housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and parenting classes.

I had done all of that and I am currently still doing mental health, which I do therapy twice a week and medication management, TaQuella said. I have also found several houses in the past, but Scotland DSS always finds something wrong with the house.

TaQuella says she currently has housing right now and Scotland County DSS knows about it. She said they have not asked her for her address to come out and look at the house, or even contacted her about her successful completion of her case plan.

I have done everything they have told me to do, TaQuella said.

According to TaQuella, a couple of months ago, Scotland County DSS told her that her daughter TaQueria was in the hospital after being involuntarily committed because of her behavior. She said that she kept calling, trying to get information, and they kept lying to her. 

I kept trying to get information about what was going on and they kept lying and telling me that she’s good and that they were about to get a placement for her, TaQuella said. It’s been four months and she hasn’t been placed yet because she’s still in New Hanover.

TaQuella told The North Carolina Beat that she was in court yesterday to hear the ruling on the emergency motion filed by New Hanover Regional Medical Center, but Judge Chevonne Wallace continued the hearing to another date.




TaQuella and her daughter, TaQueria Tyson.

TaQuella and her daughter, TaQueria Tyson.

TaQueria continues to be abandoned by Scotland DSS and is still in the emergency department of the New Hanover County Regional Medical Center as of Friday, July 1.

TaQuella wants her children back, and she says she has completed everything she is required to and now has housing. She also sent us a picture of her certificate of completion for substance abuse.


Why would you abandon someone’s child after you take their child from them? After 115 days and counting in the emergency department of NHRMC, the baby has not had the opportunity to interact with other children, go outside, get a good education, etc. Now a judge won’t hold Scotland County DSS accountable. 

In spite of the fact that she has done everything in her case plan and is still doing some for her own good and has a place for her kids, she is being ignored and not listened to or given a second chance.

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For my safety Anonymous

Change can only take place when those who are victims stand together.

Last edited 20 days ago by For my safety Anonymous

Has Mark Roberson been informed about this & I believe that he should look into this. Charges should be filed against DSS & the SBI also needs to investigate too !! This stinks to high heaven.

Cassandra Thompson

They’ve been corrupt for years. Let these parents reunite with their children! How does small town drama and discrimination outweigh children deserving to grow up in their homes with their own families. You have parents relearning their ways and entire lifestyle choices to be better and prove themselves worthy all the while the rich do as they please and have no one to answer to. As adults we are supposed to protect all children not use them as bait or to torture the community.

Jeremy Thompson

My baby sister is dealing with them right now. They are so corrupt.

Queen Jaya

Omgggggggggg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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