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Mother says 35-year-old Greensboro NC pastor impregnated her 15-year-old daughter

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The Highpoint, North Carolina police department is investigating a 35-year-old pastor accused of impregnating a 15-year-old girl who looked at the pastor as a father figure before taking advantage of her.

The North Carolina Beat will not be releasing the minor’s name during this story.

Nicole McCurdy, the mother of the 15-year-old girl, says 35-year-old Apostle Demiro Johnson of the Church of The Apostolic Saints impregnated her daughter, who is now 22 weeks pregnant.

Apostle Demiro Johnson

McCurdy said that her daughter told her Saturday, August 20, 2022, about her being pregnant and that Johnson was the father. 

McCurdy’s 15-year-old daughter and her other children had attended Johnson’s church since 2019, but she never attended herself. McCurdy said that she also learned this past Saturday that Johnson had been having sex with her daughter since her daughter was 14 before she turned 15 in March of this year.

The 15-year-old told her mother that the first two times Johnson allegedly had sex with her was in October of 2021 when she was 14.

McCurdy said her daughter told her that the first two times Johnson had sex with her was in October of 2021, they were at Johnson’s apartment in Greensboro, North Carolina

Johnson allegedly preyed on this now 15-year-old girl. The girl’s brother, who is 17 years old, was an armor bearer to Johnson, and McCurdy sub-leased a home from Johnson in November of 2021.

McCurdy said she believes Johnson was in a secret relationship with her daughter because of a note she found on her daughter’s phone, telling Johnson, “Happy five months.” 

Different people we spoke with told The North Carolina Beat that Johnson was also a father figure to them, and sometimes due to them being in church late, they would all crash at his place overnight and go home the following day.

Apostle Demiro Johnson

The 15-year-old told her mother that in October 2021, she and her brother was over at Johnson’s place in Greensboro and Johnson said other people were coming over to the house to spend the night. Johnson allegedly told the 15-year-old that she and her brother could go into his room to sleep. The other one’s who were coming would sleep in his daughter’s room, and some would sleep downstairs.

McCurdy said that her daughter and son were in Johnson’s room watching tv, but the other people who were supposed to come over to the house never showed up. McCurdy said her daughter said that Johnson told her and her brother that they didn’t have to leave his room and that they could stay in there with him. In the room, Johnson, McCurdy’s daughter and her son was watching movies.

After McCurdy’s son fell asleep, McCurdy said her daughter told her that Johnson put his arms around her and asked her if she was comfortable. McCurdy said her daughter told Johnson, “Yeah, I guess.” And then Johnson allegedly asked the 15-year-old if she was scared.

My daughter said she told Johnson, “No, I’m not scared. What I’m scared for?”, Mccurdy said her daughter told Johnson.

After Johnson asked the 15-year-old if she was scared, McCurdy said her daughter told her that Johnson started rubbing his hands down her back and kissing her. McCurdy said she asked her daughter what Johnson did after he began kissing her, and she said her daughter told her that Johnson asked her again if she was comfortable and if she had ever let a man kiss her. McCurdy said her daughter told Johnson, “No.”

After her daughter told Johnson “No,” McCurdy said her daughter told her that Johnson told her that he would take it slow with her and that he would get her comfortable. McCurdy said her daughter said she just sat there because she didn’t know what to do. Then, McCurdy said her daughter told her that Johnson pulled her pants down, pulled her to the floor, got on top of her and started penetrating her. 

“It hurt”, McCurdy said her daughter told her she told Johnson.

McCurdy said her daughter told her that Johnson asked her if she wanted him to stop and that he would take it slow on her, and before McCurdy’s daughter could say anything, Johnson kept penetrating the 15-year-old and started going slow on the girl.

She told me that after he started going slow for a little bit, it was over, McCurdy said.

Members of Johnson’s church say that back on August 9, 2022, Johnson went to Las Vegas and married a lady named Chianne Craven, and they didn’t know Johnson was getting ready to get married until it was posted on social media.



Chianne Craven


Before deactivating his Facebook account, Johnson made a statement on social media hinting at the allegations being posted on social media, but he never denied any claim. All he mentioned was about people backstabbing him and not praying for him. He also said he would continue being an Apostle in the Lord’s church and would not quit the ministry.

Apostle Demiro Johnson Facebook Post

In a video obtained by The North Carolina Beat, in the past, Johnson stated that he was tired of logging into social media and seeing his name on people’s pages, name screenshotted, etc. but if it meant God getting the glory, then let it continue. But it doesn’t seem like God will be getting the glory out of these new allegations against Johnson. Because Johnson is headed to the nearest jail if this baby is indeed his.

McCurdy also told The North Carolina Beat that Johnson tried to talk to her son’s 16-year-old ex-girlfriend in the past, and she told Johnson that she was too old for him, and he kept pursuing her. It seems like this crocodile doesn’t know how to take “NO” for an answer; instead, he pushes up on young girls with what he has and can do for them to try to get in their pants. Unfortunately, for McCurdy’s 15-year-old daughter, Johnson used her being his member, her pastor, and a father figure to impregnate her. 

On Monday, August 22, 2022, McCurdy took to Facebook to call out Johnson telling people that he is a rapist, to keep their children away from them and that there are proven facts that he messes with underage children.

In December of 2021, a North Carolina comedian named Jason Tuttle,  posted on social media about Johnson being in underage boys and girls’ Facebook inboxes trying to get with them.

Chile after doing a little more research, and honestly, it wasn’t a whole lot because Stevie Wonder blind ass could’ve seen this. We stumbled across a flyer for Johnson’s birthday and 10th pastoral anniversary, and when we saw some of the names of the preachers invited to share the Word of God, we knew these allegations were true.

Among those who preached for Johnson’s celebrations in July were Apostle Dupree, who is said to be messing with the kids and was recently spotted in a rainbow LGBTQ+ robe, and Apostle Shawn Smith, who we wrote a story on in 2021 for trying to sleep with one of his members.

McCurdy said that she learned that after her daughter told her that Johnson impregnated her, he left town and has been in contact with little to no people.

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Johnson for comment but could not reach him. However, we was able to get in contact with his alleged Wife, Chianne who stated that she hasn’t “really” been in contact with Johnson.

If you have any information related to these allegations or if you are a victim of Apostle Demiro Johnson, please contact Detective Janelle Carroll with the High Point Police Department at (336)-887-7842.

If you have a story about Demiro Johnson or have a story you think the public should know about, email us at newstip@thencbeat.com.

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