Married Greenville North Carolina pastor admits he sent musician naked pic of himself

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Word On The Curb… a Greenville, North Carolina musician says he was having a normal conversation with the pastor of Faith Hope Temple United Holy Church located in Hookerton, North Carolina, through phone text messages when the pastor “out of the blue” sent him a naked picture and We The People Say, Hell NAH, It Was Both Of Y’all! 

Xavier Foye, who wants us to believe he doesn’t like a Lil dick or mud hole now and again, told The North Carolina Beat that Pastor Rashad Cobb sent him a naked picture, but Foye did not say what kind of picture Cobb sent him. 

Pastor Cobb, who is married to Nicole Cobb, told The North Carolina Beat that he and his wife had been having problems in their marriage and that the problems had taken a toll on him psychologically. Cobb did not go into details of the problems he and his wife were having, but used them as a reason to send the naked picture. 

Which is no excuse, Cobb said. I’m not making excuses for the situation. But we are in the process of seeking counseling.

Pastor Rashad Cobbs and his wife Nicole Cobb

If you are a man and you are married to a woman, why would you cheat on her with another man? I mean, although it is wrong to cheat while you’re married, damn…at least cheat with another woman. But, I guess, sending another man a naked picture of you is not cheating…. just like staring at another woman in a lustful way is not adultery as the bible says it is, but y’all don’t read it, anyway.

When asked what kind of naked picture he sent to Xavier Foye, Cobb came out and admitted that he sent one but didn’t say what kind.

So, I did send a naked picture, Cobb said. It wasn’t a full body picture, but it was a naked picture.

Pastor Cobb said that he knew Foye from the past and they had previous conversations. One conversation Cobb recounted was when Foye asked if he could come under him and be his protégé. Cobb said as he and Foye got to know each other, Foye started asking him about his marriage, in which Cobb said he and his wife’s sex life weren’t good. 

Xavier told me that he could help me with my sex life, Cobb said. That was the first time he engaged with me about that and was leading me on.

Xavier Foye said he connected with Pastor Cobb because he thought he was “aiight”, and that he would always see Cobb in church growing up. He said that on occasions at church services, Cobb would speak to him, but he didn’t know Cobb was gay. He said that the conversation that he and Cobb had was a regular conversation.

It was like a regular conversation, Foye said. Hey doc, what’s sup? What you doing today? dadadaDADA, Foye continued. tHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN BOOM.

Xavier Foye

Foye said when Cobb sent him the picture, he screamed and did not reply. Then seconds later, he said he did respond back saying “Bro” with laughing emojis. Foye said he was confused about why Cobb sent him the picture, claiming that Cobb knows he is not gay. But if this pastor knows you are not gay, then why is he sending you naked pictures of himself? Sounds like to me he knows something about you, that you are too naïve to know about yourself. BUT WE ALL CAN SEE IT…OOP!

Everybody knows me, bro. I’m a girl guy, Foye said. I’m not with that gay, homosexual stuff, bro. That stuff can kick rocks. I’m not like that, bro.

We asked Foye if he could show us proof that he was having a regular conversation with Pastor Cobb before the naked picture was sent to him, and he said he couldn’t show the conversation because he had deleted it.

During our investigation into this, we found through Pastor Cobb and various other sources who know Foye that told us he engages in homosexual activity, which he denied. We also found that Foye and his minions were trying to sabotage Pastor Cobb and his ministry by spreading his naked picture and disclosing information about him being gay. Foye wants people to believe that Pastor Cobb just up and sent him a naked photo and that he played no role in entertaining and leading Pastor Cobb on, in which The North Carolina Beat found that he did.

We asked Pastor Cobb to provide us with proof that Foye was engaging in inappropriate conversation with him. He said that he also deleted the conversation between the both of them. 

However, Pastor Cobb did provide us with a screenshot of a conversation between him and Foye. In the screenshot, it appears to be more conversation than what was provided. If you look to the right, you will see a line that shows you that there are more messages in the thread if you scroll up, but Pastor Cobb claims there is nothing more said than what he provided. 

The screenshot appears to show that the two were engaging in conversation and, at some point, according to this screenshot, Pastor Cobb wanted to talk on the phone with Foye.


It seems like both Cobb and Foye are trying to hide their activities and conversations by deleting messages or claiming they deleted them. For Cobb, it’s so his wife doesn’t find out ,and for Foye it’s for his staying in the closet and not wanting people to know he plays in boy pussy or likes his pussy played with.


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