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Man who died in custody of Fayetteville North Carolina police identified, police chief ain’t a good woman

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(Fayetteville, North Carolina) The North Carolina Beat has identified a man who was allegedly beaten to death while in the custody of the Fayetteville Police early Thursday morning.

According to the corrupt police department headed by Chief Gina Hawkins, at about 12:23 A.M Thursday, officers responded to reports of a person, identified as a male, going door to door “acting strangely and causing a disturbance.”

We have identified that man as 34-year-old Joshua Oxendine.

Police claim that Oxendine became aggressive when confronted, but they decided to take him down only when he began beating on the hood of a deputy’s patrol car. (How in the actual hell do you get killed solely for beating on a police car?) After they took him down, he was handcuffed, they allegedly continued to beat him and put him in the back of a patrol car. After noticing he was not breathing, they took him out, put him on the ground and administered CPR, but, it was too late, they had already taken his life.

Chief Hawkins held a press conference Thursday afternoon to put an end to the so-called rumors that have been swirling around the incident. It seems as though Hawkins integrity as Chief of Police, as well as her morals as a human, are not good enough, being that she has to defend her department against the public about her crooked ass officers.

An eyewitness told The North Carolina Beat that she saw it all unfold. (Click HERE if you missed that.)

Hawkins mentioned that her department does have video footage of the incident, but we all know how the police like to chop, pause, start, and edit footage to meet their narrative and to protect themselves from criminal prosecution. I hope that the people of Fayetteville DO NOT buy this trixarosie story until she produces some VERIFIABLE evidence like the people of Fayetteville produce their support for her every day, or so she claims.

An officer with the Fayetteville Police Department contacted The North Carolina Beat Friday morning and told us that Hawkins cannot be trusted and that she is very manipulative and controlling, and people get that confused with her “not playing the radio” type of attitude.

Joshua’s brother, Jamie Oxendine told The North Carolina Beat that his brother was super friendly and had a beautiful spirit.

My Brother carried many titles: Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Father, Cousin, Fiance, Best Friend and now he has a new title, an Angel. Joshua was a hard worker and team player. He had a beautiful spirit and lots of love to give to everyone that he would meet. This man would take the shirt off his back and give to anyone in need. Super friendly and a very caring individual. A great listener and conversationalist and he never really met a stranger; the life of the party. He did not deserve to have his life end in this manner and we want justice for him.

We are diligently working to identify the officers involved in this heinous CRIME.

I had a lot to say as it relates to this incident, watch the video below:

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations is investigating this homicide as well as Fayetteville Police Department Homicide Unit, according to Hawkins.







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