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Man found h**** from tree in Durham has community outraged

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A Black man in Durham, North Carolina was found hanging from a tree this week.

According to online reports, 26-year-old Gairy Kimber was found hanging from a tree near Highway 98 in Durham.

Members of the community believe foul play was involved.

Tiara Taylor told The North Carolina Beat that when Kimber was found, his hands were tied behind his back but friends close to the family say he committed ‘suicide’.

If he did commit “suicide”, how do you hang yourself with your hands tied behind your back?

Officials haven’t released any statements of Kimber’s death or that the hanging was racially motivated. (Normally, when someone has committed suicide, the (mainstream media) will not report on it.)

One person named Destiny Nared, who claims to be one of Kimber’s friends, said that he was “battling a lot lately and is finally at peace.”

Ashley King, who made the original post about Kimber’s death said in another Facebook post that:

It is NOT easy to have an understanding when such tragic events take place where we grew up. Where we are raising our children. Suicide is NOT a joe or to be taken lightly! I shared my view on the young man who was found hung NOT because I feel he was lynched by whites but because our community is owed some sort of acknowledgment from law enforcement to let us know they have matters under control and it is not being disregarded as we find many other incidents. Are we to turn our head at a body found hung? In public? And we have nothing to say? Or feel? At this point, is this what our community has come to?

Miss King is right about what she said, but will the police really tell the truth about a Black man being lynched if it was racially motivated?

I have concerns about this because his “friends” say he committed suicide, but according to others, his hands were tied behind his back…so, did someone help him kill himself?

Credit: Expired Juice on Twitter. She says that her sister sent her these messages about Gairy Kimber’s death possibly being a lynching.

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22 thoughts on “Man found h**** from tree in Durham has community outraged

  1. He was nobody’s 22 first off !! not a Nc native but lived here. He’s hand weren’t TIED! Depression is real we as a black community love to find fault but in self! We want a reason to blame something or someone for the mental issues that a lot of our Blk men n woman are going thru no more self evaluation first !! All the information in this article n blog are false . U wanted to do a post or blog about the truth ask destiny about the type of person Gairy was or ask his close friends that are outraged that every time we scroll thru social media it’s more incorrect n false statements about our loved one n friend do a report on that! Like it was stating let that man rest pls!! If he’s close friends aren’t stating fowl play u shouldn’t either.. That’s our sunshine our only sunshine so pls don’t take our sunshine away ….😥😥🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. Are you family of the victim? How do you know the things posted online aren’t true? This information posted is so the public knows what’s going on. We never said that he didn’t commit suicide, but we all do have questions.

      1. Definitely as close to a family as it gets u as a community deserve what is given to u not what u scavenge for u don’t even have a correct age for him n I know him personally so I know your info n the person that gave it to u is incorrect if u n the community are so concerned flowers cards n monetary gifts will be accepted not desputes on what I’m saying or the next family or friends no once again pls pls let him rest is more out there to report on !!!!!!! #ivespooken #hesfamily now you’ve been warned

        1. We deserve to know the truth… you may have known him and yes he was depressed but I’m his fuckn cousin and facts are fuckn facts… you can say what you want but as his blood please dont talk about it on here… there was other issues going on that alot of people didnt know about…

    2. Honestly we dont know wtf happened so unless you talk to one of us please dont comment… let people think whatever no he wasnt 22 but at the end of the day you dont know anything as well… please stop commenting…

      1. U speaking to Gerald? Cause if u arent u should be in just as much defense as me not only do I know him n his situations he was a good friend to me n mines n like I spoke n said from the beginning let him rest I got the 7am phone call I didn’t have to wait for post to tell me he was gone he was personal close friend so I knew ASAP sorry for those who didn’t!

        1. Are you looking for validation??? Im talking to every fuckn body… I’m the one who had to call MY FAMILY to tell them about MY BLOOD… idc who you are the internet is for people to make stories up regardless of what he saying or anybody else I’ve seen the scene I’ve seen the car I’ve seen the apartment… so many different things could’ve happened that morning… you think because hes been struggling that he would go outside in public and hang himself??? All the shit he was doing since you know him so well you think hanging himself would be the way he takes his own life???? Foh

  2. I’m his fuckn cousin PLEASE JUST LET IT BE… We will find out the truth because yes he was dealing with his own demons but there are some things a miss… depression is real but so are the other things that was going on in his life that many people didnt know… SO PLEASE LET US MORN IN PEACE… IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING NEGATIVE OR STUPID TO SAY KEEP IT TO YOURSELF… PLEASE!!!!!!

    1. So I’m in the wrong for feeling like I was Michelle? It’s cool. God bless u n his family he wouldn’t want me arguing back n forth when we release these balloons tomorrow I’ll put u in my prayers I understand he was your cousin but he definitely was my friend So what I said I said n that’s just that!!! But god I pray whatever happened be revealed I can’t take much more!!!

      1. You right but he also would want his “close friends” to know him better then just believing he hung himself in public like that… even if he did do as his friend and knowing him you should be trying to make sure and investigate the situation and just going with it… y’all releasing balloons but is anyone in his family going to be there?? Like regardless if you’re in ATL or NC have you tried to reach out?? I only commented in the first place because I feel like you commenting and saying anything in the first place is for attention… I said what I had to say so idgaf anymore but still… may my cousin rest in peace… one of the most craziest guys I’ve ever known…

    2. Michelle I’m truly sorry for you and your families loss. May God bless you and keep you and give you STRENGTH in your time of NEED.

  3. Honestly Gerald no one knows…They can say it was suicide but until we hear from the medical examiner no one can speak on anything. Yes my cousin was depressed yes he was fighting demons but knowing him and all he was into hanging himself would not have been his first choice if a choice at all… I can’t and wont say any thoughts because at the end of the day only the truth matters and until we get the paper work it’s up in the air… I’m not trying to be rude or anything but he is one of my favs… I just hope if something did happen someone speaks up and if it was a suicide God takes his soul…

    1. Michelle, I definitely respect what you just said. I really do. I just don’t believe that he would run to a tree and kill himself, I just don’t believe that. I’m praying the truth comes out and I am thankful that I was able to shed light on this.

    2. As-salamu_alaykum dear sister. I’m and very sorry for the lost of your belove family member. It saddens me to hear that this you brother could have possibly taken his own life. But it also concerns me that he was hanging from a tree. How likely is it that someone would go outside and hang themself from a tree. Just a little advice dear sister. Never hold stock I’m what the police or medical examiners office say they are the same. They do not care what happens in the African American Community. May Allah strengthen you and your family. May the Peace and Blessing of Allah be with u.

  4. My heart dropped when I heard this heartbreaking news. I had the pleasure of meeting Gairy last year when he was celebrating his birthday in Chapel Hill. Unfortunately I moved away and didn’t have another chance to spend time with him. He was such a light and I benefited from getting to know him and spend such a short amount of time with him. I hope he is happy and at peace. I pray that Jesus comforts all of you who knew him in this life, especially his family and closest friends. Peace be upon you

  5. Michelle I’m truly sorry for you and your families loss. May God bless you and keep you and give you STRENGTH in your time of NEED.

  6. Jimmy Jones Harrirs, NOR Tiara Taylor are on that young man’s LIST OF FRIENDS on Facebook! For all we know, they are some damn North Carolina Sherriffs or some shit, trying to quiet shit down! Talking about you are as close as a family can get? LMFAO Got to his Facebook page, Y’all! You’ll see that these lying moefoes are not even FRIENDS of his! WTF are “FRIENDS” doing the work being the mouthpiece of the family! Go to his friends list and type in his last name if you want to speak to the family, THEIR names will appear, not these lying dogs, chasing down every article! I”m going go make sure this story gets COVERAGE BIG TIME! Gairy Kimber is his name, with an “i” in his first name. Posts that I did find are posting it as “Gary”. These lying mfkrs are not even on ANY of his Family’s friends list name KIMBER! They probably have something to hide if they truly are friends Sad sacks of sHIT

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