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Janky NC Promoter tries to save face with FreakNik show, Rapper Sukihana & Khia say they not coming

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Gerald Jackson
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Word On The Curb, a Janky ass promoter, is out here in these North Carolina streets trying to use another man’s money to keep a show going that he can not afford to pay for himself.

Fredrick Leon Jerman, who is out here using his wife’s name to do lousy business because he is known for not paying people he do business with their money, is trying to use a well-known North Carolina promoter for a come-up.

Ray Ramsey, CEO of Nu Planet Entertainment, who is known for Apple Chill and bringing some of the most prominent Hip-Hop Artists such as Lil Boosie, Jeezy, Moneybagg Yo, and more to North Carolina, said he and Jump Judy Events, which Tamika Jerman owns was in partnership for the FreakNik 2022 set to happen this Saturday, August 27, 2022, in Henderson, NC, until Tamika’s husband, Fredrick Jerman started doing “Janky” business.

Ramsey tells The North Carolina Beat that Jump Judy Events didn’t pay for anything and that Nu Planet Entertainment paid all artists, including Sukihana, and the legendary Queen of The South, Ms. “My Neck, My Back” Khia. Not only did Nu Planet Entertainment pay for the artists, but Ramsey also wrote a $1,500 check that he gave Fredrick Jerman to secure the Vance County fairground for the FreakNik, and he later learned that the Vance County Fairgrounds was only $1,000. Fredrick Jerman never returned the $500, instead he kept it.

Ramsey said he also paid for the radio promotions in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and the flyers and handprinted tickets that Fredrick Jerman is still running around trying to sell.

On August 19, 2022, Ray Ramsey made a post to Facebook that “Nu Planet Entertainment nor Ray Ramsey personally has any part of or affiliation with the event Freak Nik on Saturday, August 27th in Henderson NC.”

The post was attached with a voice note from the legendary Khia about her not being at the FreakNik 2022.


 On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Ray Ramsey made another post to social media saying “SukiHana Will Not Be At Freak Nik at the Vance County Fairgrounds on This Saturday, August 27th. Hear it from her. No Nu Planet Entertainment. No Bad Habit, No SukiHana, No Khia @Freak Nik. 30+ Years, No Lives but proven track record. No Beefs because it’s useless but We Just Work and Allow Our Reputation and Muscles to Speak. Thank You All Day To Our Supporters. Let’s keep moving!!! Great Shows Coming Up!!!”

The post was attached with a video from Sukihana about her not being at the FreakNik 2022.


When Fredrick Jerman learned about NuPlanet Entertainment pulling out of the event because of his unprofessionalism and janky business dealings last week, Fredrick Jerman continued selling tickets and continued promoting the event. 

One source told The North Carolina Beat that Fredrick Jerman told them he was still going to sell tickets and tell the people at the show that “something came up and the artists didn’t show.” It was until The North Carolina Beat started investigating Fredrick Jerman, that he stated that he would refund customers money if the show got canceled. Because we kept questioning and asking Fredrick how he would pay the customers back, he knew he couldn’t rob the people and keep his scamming plans on the down low.

The North Carolina Beat got involved because people who wanted vendor spots at the event said they called the number listed on the FreakNik flyer and were told that the show was canceled. However, they were still seeing the event being promoted online. We learned that it was Fredrick Jerman still promoting the event, knowing that he didn’t have the funds to afford any of the artists listed on the flyer and that he wasn’t the one who paid the artists their deposits. After receiving emails from potential vendors, we launched an investigation. 

The North Carolina Beat called the number listed on the flyer, and we spoke to Ray Ramsey, who identified himself as the CEO of Nu Planet Entertainment. He told us that the show on Saturday, August 27, was not happening as people knew it and that he paid for all artists and they would not be performing. In addition, Ramsey told us that Fredrick Jerman with Jump Judy Events was doing “Janky” business.

We ran a story about the event not happening as people knew it, and Fredrick Jerman got upset and reached out to us.

Fredrick Jerman told The North Carolina Beat that the show was still going, that he had been in contact with the artists’ managers, and that all agreed to come.

In the videos above, Khia and Sukihana said they would not be at the event.

However, Fredrick Jerman believes that because he and Nu Planet were partners on this, the artists should still show. But what Fredrick Jerman is failing to tell the public or his two viewers on his Facebook live streams is that HE AIN’T PAY FOR ANYTHING NOR THE ARTISTS!

In a series of text messages last week, Fredrick Jerman told The North Carolina Beat that the ticket sales were low and that only 33 tickets were sold for FreakNik 2022 and claimed that was the real reason Ray Ramsey with Nu Planet Entertainment pulled out.



Text Messages 1 of 2
Text Messages 2 of 2

But it seems like Mr. Fredrick Jerman can’t keep his lies straight…it must be them powdered donuts he can’t stay off of. 

Last night on a struggling radio station, Oak 93.5, Fredrick Jerman claimed that Ray Ramsey with Nu Planet Entertainment pulled out because he owes Ray Ramsey $20,000 off a King George contract.


Fredrick Jerman is known for not paying his bills and currently faces 10 counts of felony obtain property by false pretense stemming from a 2021 offense, according to Warren Record Newspaper.

Fredrick is accused of not paying for security services and technology and entertainment services. 

There is a total of 10 victims in the case. 

His next court date is set for September 28, 2022.

It seems like Fredrick keeps digging a hole for himself and is still telling people that Sukihana will be at the FreakNik even after she made a video drop that she wasn’t.

It costs $15,000 to bring Sukihana to town, and its money that Fredrick doesn’t have without the help of someone else.

When everything went down last week, artists told Fredrick to give Ray Ramsey back his deposit, and they would make a separate contract with him, but Fredrick didn’t want to do that because he’s broke and can’t afford the artists.

But, I guess we will see what goes down Saturday.

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