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Jacksonville’s Monsters Pizza owner accused of refusing to serve a man because homosexual relationship didn’t work out

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Tom Anderson

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(Jacksonville, North Carolina)Tom Sanders, the owner of Monsters Pizza, a struggling pizza joint that has been closed due to owing the IRS thousands of dollars in back taxes, is mixing business with pleasure.

(If Sanders did pay the taxes he owed and decided to open Monsters Pizza back up, he would probably have a hard time being successful, being that he meets men online, and once they throw him in the trash where he belongs, he bans them from his business.)

We’ve learned that Sanders, allegedly, has the tendency to cling to men who have eaten at his restaurant. And that is because if something goes wrong, he can have the upper hand on them and ban them. But, who said that Monsters Pizza was the best pizza in Jacksonville? If someone doesn’t like you in, whether platonically or romantically, then you can’t get mad when they no longer want to talk to you. One man told The North Carolina Beat that is exactly what Sanders did to him.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted The North Carolina Beat via email in April about Sanders. He said that he thought Sanders was a decent looking man, besides him having “fuck my tight ass” on his Grindr profile, which is a homosexual dating app.

He said that they had good conversation, and that he would see him often at his pizza as a customer. The man told Sanders that he loved his pizza and would eat there often. After Anderson and the man exchanged pictures, he said that Sanders told him that he recognized him coming in from time to time. He continued on to say that Sanders started sending him nude pictures the next day and he asked Sanders to stop because he had just really met him.

The man said that Sanders told him, that if he didn’t want to deal with him, he could block him and not come back to his establishment. The man said that he told Sanders that he wasn’t going to block him and he just wanted to get to know him a little more. After the two had almost a week’s worth of conversation, the man told The North Carolina Beat that he told Sanders that he did not want to continue talking to him any longer. The man said that Sanders did not respond, but that following week when he went to Monsters Pizza, Sanders allegedly cursed him out and told him that he was banned and if he did not leave the property that he would be calling JPD (Jacksonville Police Department).

The man also alleged that Sanders told him that when he recognizes men’s names on pizza orders that he would look up addresses, and facebook profiles and send them personalized messages inside their pizzas.


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3 thoughts on “Jacksonville’s Monsters Pizza owner accused of refusing to serve a man because homosexual relationship didn’t work out

  1. I don’t believe a word of what that person is saying. He wouldn’t do any of that stuff. Yes he was having tax problems but degrading himself is not how he does things.

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