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Jacksonville Woman Who Appeared On Dr. Phil, And Bullied A Woman To Suicide Trial Starts Monday For Assaulting A Man In Court

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Patricia Kirley Mugshot

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A woman who appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2017, because she couldn’t stop streaming her personal life on YouTube is heading to court Monday.

But first, let’s get into who “Truthfully Trisha” really is…

Who is ‘Truthfully Trisha’?

Patricia Kirley, 43, of Jacksonville is a small YouTuber who has caused HUGE problems for others, according to the YouTube community.

She first came to YouTube in 2015 and ever since has used the platform to bully, slander, and defame people. The North Carolina Beat learned that Kirley has accused people of criminal actions such as drug rings, pill mills, and drug trafficking all to build her channel and to gain subscribers and views.

Kirley has spent numerous hundreds, possibly even thousands, of hours online looking up people’s personal information and doxing them on her struggling channel. She allegedly threatened to tear another woman’s hair out while making fun of her criminal record and showing her mugshots, of which Kirley now has of her own.

YouTubers said that Kirley has called people’s doctors pretending to want information about the cost of a procedure, calling a woman’s former employer discussing her criminal record and asking them to join forces with her for a criminal case against the woman.

Many of the content creators who reached out to The North Carolina Beat said they wish to keep their name anonymous because they are afraid that they will be Kirley’s next victim.

Kirley told one lady that she would bedazzle a gun for her before the woman puts it in her mouth.

She has, allegedly, accused multiple men of being pedophiles and also accused one man of being a possible murderer because his brother was in prison. YouTubers say she bullied a woman who survived cancer by faking the need for oxygen on a live stream. She is also alleged to have accused a woman of stealing drugs from her dying patients and that the woman’s cancer was karma. Of course, Kirley was lying about each and everything that she claimed but she broadcasted it all LIVE.

In 2017, Kirley appeared on Dr. Phil and claimed that her “haters” told her to “kill herself,”

Trisha claims her “haters” have told her to “kill herself,” have sent the police to do welfare checks six times and even sent her a pizza with black pepper that sent her into anaphylactic shock. She also claims one of her “haters” stalked her while on vacation and hit her with her car when she confronted her. Trisha’s husband, Sean, says he’s fed up with his wife’s streaming. He says he wants her to shut down her channel and focus on their marriage.

Watch Clip Below:

While on Dr. Phil, Kirley said she believes she is Rosa Parks of the internet…(Yeah…Okay)

Watch That Clip Below:

Dr. Phil became involved to try and get her some help but Trisha but refused because she did not want to leave YouTube, and instead continued the online bullying.

In 2015, she was accused of bullying a woman named Raundi Jones, also of Jacksonville, to commit suicide. Critics say that Jones had a drinking problem, that no one knew about besides her family, until Kirley, who claimed to have been her friend, made it public just for attention. Jones ultimately took her life and critics say that the family of Jones said Kirley’s bullying is the reason she took her own life.

Years later and Kirley has still continued her cyberbullying and will now go before a jury for assaulting a man in open court.

On August 6, 2018, Kirley was arrested for assaulting a local Jacksonville mechanic in open court. She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple assault. Kirley was later found guilty by The Honorable Judge Henry L. Stevens who sentenced her to 48 hours in the Onslow County Jail, required her to obtain a full psychological evaluation, and 24 months of supervised probation.

She appealed the case to Superior Court, claiming her innocence.

According to the warrant, Kirley unlawfully and willfully did hit the victim in the face, head, back, side and clawed him his eyes and head with her fingernails. 

Officials in court that day will testify against Kirley.

Her trial begins Monday, April 1 in Onslow County Superior Court.

Again, we have witnessed so many people being bullied and it is not right. It has to come to an end before more innocent people lose their lives.

To view all of the live streams, and hate Kirley has done to others…go to Youtube and search “Truthfully Trisha.”


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