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Greensboro N.C. Bishop accused of raping his own “goddaughter”, members say she his real daughter

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Gerald Jackson
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Word On The Curb… a hoeing North Carolina bishop who can’t seem to pick a wife and keep her nor keep his penis in his pants has released a statement trying to convince the public that he didn’t rape his biological daughter; oops, we meant “goddaughter.”

Bishop Freddie Bernard Marshall, 54, is Greater Church of Deliverance, INC. pastor, located at 4401 Alliance Church Rd. Greensboro, NC 27101. At one point, his church was located at 4198 Cherry Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but he got evicted out of that church in 2013 by the landlord because he kept writing the landlord worthless checks. To this day, Bishop Marshall has a pending “worthless check” charge pending in North Carolina court. So, for now, he’s in Greensboro, but if his current wife leaves him, he won’t have this building for long.

Bishop Marshall has a long history of being a fraud and an alleged rapist. He has often gotten away by using his position as a bishop in the Lord’s church, similar to what Bishop Eddie Longstroke did, but God got Longstroke back in DEATH! I remember when Eddie Longstroke stood in front of his church and told them that he was a Vegan when he was nothing more than a full-blown aids patient. The bible is true when it says that the WAGES of sin is death, and I believe it’s not only speaking of spiritual death but also physical death.

Recently, Bishop Marshall has been in deep waters with one of his whores daughters, a 21-year-old girl that a snitch in the church has come forward and alleged is the biological daughter of Bishop Freddie Marshall.

People all over the Triad who know Bishop Marshall are not letting him off easy because they knew all along that he was grabbing women holding on to the horns of the altar and fucking them.

Over the last two weeks, 21-year-old Taylor Thomas, who Bishop Marshall claims is his goddaughter, has been on social media alleging that he raped her. 

21-year-old Taylor Thomas

On Tuesday, Bishop Marshall released a manipulative statement on Facebook to try and convince the public that Taylor has had a “manic” episode and that the things she was alleging were not true.


Bishop Freddie Bernard Marshall

In his statement, as a predator would, they always try to push the blame on something or someone other than themselves and what their low-down asses have been doing, said that Taylor has a cognitive disorder. But if this is true that Taylor is dealing with some mental health problem, then it could be because of the raping she alleged Bishop Marshall of doing to her. People who suppress and refuse to talk about what they are dealing with, at some point, break.

Let’s not forget that in 2013, an alleged victim named Ideanne Russell came forward and said that Bishop Freddie Marshall molested her from 12 to 16 years old. During that time, a judge granted Russell a restraining order against Bishop Marshall after he started calling and texting her threats.

A former elder who attended the Greater Church of Deliverance in 2013 said that when Russell came out, Bishop Marshall held a private meeting and admitted to his church leaders that he had been in a relationship with her. It is said that Bishop Marshall had no choice but to let the leaders in his ministry know what was going on, and they still stayed, although he told them what he was doing. During all this, Bishop Marshall’s first wife, Sherri Hatcher, packed her bags, ran every red light in town, went down to the courthouse, and filed for her divorce.


Sherri Hatcher

Members attending Bishop Marshall’s church told The North Carolina Beat that he uses his position as Bishop and penis to get people to do what he wants them to do.

Rumor has it in the Greater Church of Deliverance church that Taylor’s mother, Tanya Thomas, was living with Bishop Marshall and his ex-wife Sherri for quite some time and ended up getting pregnant by Bishop Marshall, where she allegedly gave birth to his daughter, Taylor Thomas.

Tanya Thomas

When The North Carolina Beat spoke to Bishop Marshall Wednesday afternoon, he confirmed that Taylor was with him since birth and said that Tanya and Taylor had lived with him and his wife for a period of time.

For years, Bishop Marshall had wanted his church family to know that Taylor was just a “goddaughter,” which was a way to keep the truth about who she really is to him quiet.

Tanya Thomas told The North Carolina Beat that she did not believe Bishop Marshall raped her daughter but that some other teenagers were having sex with her and took advantage of her. We asked Tanya Thomas why she would believe that these teenagers may have taken advantage of her daughter but not Bishop Marshall, and she couldn’t answer.

However, Tanya did mention that authorities investigated Taylor’s claims against Bishop Marshall and closed the case. We asked Tanya on what basis authorities closed the case, and she told us that the rape kit determined that she had not been raped. We explained to Tanya that that was a ridiculous basis for closing a case, and she started being combative. Giving her an example, we told Tanya that if Taylor were raped by Bishop Marshall 6 years ago, a rape kit today would not validate it, but she insisted that it would.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if a woman is raped in 2009 by someone, a rape kit being done today in 2022 would not show that. So you have three days after you have been raped to get a rape kit to support your claim.

Just because a rape kit didn’t come back that day that Bishop Marshall had allegedly raped Taylor doesn’t mean he didn’t do it at some point in her life.

Tanya Thomas told The North Carolina Beat that her daughter Taylor was given marijuana laced with K2, a synthetic type of marijuana, got hight, and started posting videos on her Instagram story alleging that Bishop Marshall had raped her.

Unfortunately, The North Carolina Beat cannot obtain those videos because Instagram story videos are only available for 24 hours.

According to snitches inside the Greater Church of DeliveranceTaylor was blasting Bishop Marshall and his alleged girlfriend, 21-year-old CaMari Jeter, for being in a relationship. It is said that both Bishop Marshall and Jeter have been spotted out in public holding hands together. Insiders say that CaMari allegedly gave Taylor the laced drug to stop her from blasting the relationship she and Bishop Marshall had.

21-year-old CaMari Jeter

Members in the church wanted $100 for the pictures of the two holding hands, but The North Carolina Beat refused to pay.

However, we did find photos of Bishop Marshall on CaMari’s fashion Instagram page.


It is amazing that this Bishop and Taylor’s mother, Tanya, are trying to silence the truth their daughter is speaking. How is it that out of everything and anything Taylor could have said, she came out and said that Bishop Marshall raped her? Out of all things she could have said. And now we are blaming it on mental health? Hopefully, these two can tell Taylor that Bishop Marshall is her birth father…

Tanya provided what appears to be NCHDDS Child Support and claimed that a man by the name of Cory is Taylor’s father but the photo doesn’t prove that he is. We asked Tanya to show proof of this photo with Taylor’s name on it and she couldn’t. 


This man doesn’t even have the integrity to write a good check and he wants us to believe, he’s not a rapist and child molester? Sounds like these black churches are becoming more catholic behavior every day. 

Bishop Marshall is scheduled to appear in court Thursday, September 01, 2022, for a $673.16 worthless check he wrote.


On November 9, 2021, Bishop Marshall pleaded guilty to writing a $2,000 worthless check.


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