GRAPHIC: Army Veteran LITERALLY blows his head off with a shotgun on Facebook live

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Gerald Jackson
Hi, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am 24-years-old. I was born and raised in Troy, Alabama. I currently reside in North Carolina. I am a Journalist, Influencer, Content Creator, and a Man of Faith! I have been blogging for 4 years and I love it! I don't shy away from the truth, always speak my mind, and before I take anything back, I'll add more to it. Follow me on my social media below to keep up with my personal life. LOL!


Ronnie McNutt, 31, of Mississippi took his life on Facebook live August 31. His death was confirmed by his church who posted a statement online about his passing:

In the midst of a sudden tragedy that occurred last night, we grieve with the McNutt family during this time because passing of our brother in Christ, Ronnie McNutt.

Prayers to the McNutt family.


We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention, and crisis resources for you or your loved ones. CALL 800-273-8255


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That’s beyond sad that’s just mad traumatizing you should delete this and stop tryna show everybody many of innocent kids have already seen it and that man has family and loved ones please be respectful


Girl hush


Bitch you hush that real shit


u enjoy watching it do you?


Man shut tf this is clearly a “raw” site – gives you multiple warnings before clicking the vid


no it dont

James Ray Eakins

There’s no innocent children anymore. Gang banging, Drug Dealing,Human Trafficking and more. The parents teach these to their children along with Hate for Everyone that doesn’t believe as they do.


Stfu who made them not innocent anymore check them score board clown

Ashlyn Vaughn

I am a innocent little girl and this was recommended for me and I watched it Bc I thought it was a lie so I clicked it and I cried for hours so pls


I’m going to kill everyone you care about


Don’t think its real. You heard the blast first. Guns don’t work that way. You would have seen his head injury before the blast.

Nonya business

I keep looking for flaws in this. I feel like there would be a lot more blood splatter as well. Either way, if you feel this bad, seek the proper help. Don’t ever count on friends to understand or help you get through this. This is fucked up, he didn’t even explain what he was thinking of doing. He also failed to understand maybe the other person was busy. Why wouldn’t he put it in speaker so we could hear there otherside of the conversation. Sorry but if this is real, the most cowardly thing he has done. Killed kids… Read more »


Bro i watched it the day it happned its a live video when i watched the original snippet on 4chan the video was perfect your not faking that theres no cutscene it was on live you cant fake it and his church commented on his behalf thats crazy you think its fake thats a whole lifless body


sad fuk!


There’s a lag dumbass

Ur mom

Not exactly true, there is lag in some audio recording and especially with Facebook or a desktops shity camera and mic


Unfortunately it was real. Another Brother down. Fucking assholes don’t give a shit about us after we have done their bidding. They leave us to twist in the wind with our demons.

Sylvia A Rodriguez

I agree and all that should be done for our soldiers and Marines who sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice is being done without a second thought for others who violate American laws… they get free housing, money, food, and medical oh yeah and their crime is overlooked. I have a son whose a Marine and another son who has just enlisted Army. My Marine I had to find outside help VA wouldn’t help out it was excuse after excuse with them I had to find a place before I lost him. Non profit Vets for Vets organizations are taking in our… Read more »


It’s the cam it is a cheap one


Naw that shit definitely real


Well it is from a pc maybe delay is either way it’s real to me


if you look on bestgore you will not hear the blast first


He blew his fukn head off with a shotgun on fb live!!!! He obviously wanted everyone to see this shit.


Don’t look it up if you didn’t want to watch

Deez nuts

Bitch shut up Karen.



Patrick Wallace

That was a coward move. I understand life gets hard but this isn’t the way to handle it.


He also was a war veteran and ptsd

Michael O'Malley

By the phone calls it sounds like he was crying for help. I can’t help but feel for the person on the other line that has to live with not understanding at the time how serious he was or being unable to talk him down

Jade H

It seems like the tail end of a toxic relationship and he was done.


You’re all right, actually. He had bad PTSD from serving in Iraq, was recently divorced/broke up, and was very drunk.

Tametha Manis

Excuse me but until you take your ass to war stfu that’s rude as hell my child whom did 16 months in Iraq took his life at 25 years of age my coward as you call him put his ass on the line for you while watching his close friends die dont talk shit about our vets when you don’t know shit PTSD is real


I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I thank him for his service. What you said was so true. There are so many people out here that don’t understand what our Soldiers go thru to protect us. They wanna call them “cowards”, well in my eyes, I didn’t see him take take his pussy ass to the war…so I’m with you!!! He needs to shit the hell up when he doesn’t even know what the hell he’s talking about. If you ever need someone to talk to email me, my email address is

Dennis J Dube Dennis J Dube

Dennis Dube

Tina Williams

My youngest son 💕…. iS an army vet. at 24 plus has Purple heart 💜 … He was deployed 11 months in Afghanistan ( INFRINTRY.) …
He’s now 27 and hardly talks about it! 1 time when drinking he mentioned … something & the hurt he’s carrying …. BREAKS My 💔💦😥 & He hasn’t been taken MEDS awhile now. . . . My fears of him hurting or WORSE …. PRAYERS n JESUS NAME


My brother who is now 27 served 3 years and the fear of us the family wondering about a phone call good or bad😭 ptsd is VERY REAL…I MYSELF HAVE PTSD!!! my brother is a drug addict now he jumps at every sound and keeps a bat and gun by him alot PLEASE DO NOT TALK SHIT !!


So sorry for your lose😩😩


This is my biggest fear with my 24 year old son who just returned from Afghanistan a year ago, losing a battle Buddy a brother watching someone blow up in front of you Is like no other. Some people will never understand. My sons ptsd and his anger is out of this world. So sorry for the loss of your son, sending prayers.


I bet your kid was an even bigger pussy.

Kristy Disano

What the fuck is wrong with you @Seamore!!!! Got nothing better to but bash on people who’ve been through hell. You obviously sit home on your computer like a Keyboard Bully. Hop off, don’t nobody need your shitty comments. It’s real shit and you obviously wouldn’t know that bc you a coward & never went to war or had anything traumatic happen in your life. SO STFU, bc karma is a bitch and it’s coming for you.

Brenda Coyle

Thank you for your sons bravery in the service .He is a hero for fighting our country .




sorry wrong comment

Last edited 9 days ago by Lee
Aaron Camarena

How dare you call him a coward. You don’t know what was going thru his head or what hardships he had. Until you’ve been a personal victim of suicide don’t speak on it. At 15 years old my father blew his head off 5 feet in front of my mom and I. To this day I don’t think he was a coward. Some people can only take so much and some people make mistakes that they can’t come back from. That doesn’t make them a coward


All the bullshit sob stories on here are unreal dude wanted it so stfu with “my son this my son that oh my friends cousin blah blah blah” cry me a fucking river their choice to go to the military their choice to handle their shit.

Bill Cosby
Who hurt you my dude just respect the dead that simple

You are an ass


drock is a pussy ass bitch. Bet he suckin on his daddies dick right now. Little keyboard coward lol.

Rafael Rivas

Its not a coward move. Not sure if you served, but sometimes u get so depress, you start feeling yourself going down in the hole, and you just get deeper and deeper on sad and upsetting things that at a point its to late even when you realize that u are going that route. I know the feeling and ive been there a few times. I had tried to cut myself a few times, still here luckily. he just felt he was trapped and this was this way out.


Hows that a coward move? People going for a suicide are often so sad, empty, sick and traumatize that they see no future anymore. Telling them they’re coward isn’t going to help. It makes the matter worse. What coward would fucking kill himself instead lf doing something else to “fix” issues?


What a piece of shit he had a dog to take care of


Wow lmao. A life was lost and you’re worried about a fuckin dog…. I’m sure it’ll be ok but as for you, fuck u


A life wasn’t lost, he couldn’t handle life and took the cowards way out.


Fuckers over here living most likely a normal life with normal childhood and normal memories telling he’s a coward whilst he was the one who suffered from ptsd. You bitches been never at the bottom of mental health, otherwise you wouldn’t write shit like that. It’s always the normal people with normal issues that think they can prevent suicide by calling the victims names. Fuck ya’ll.

Niggerbob Brownpants

Suck a dick you faggot


How is he a piece of shit you don’t know what he saw when he was in the army and it fucks with you some take the shit better than others idk how the fuck he is a piece of shit it got the best of him


it was his choce just like having a child

Tametha Manis

Thank you for giving a shit I am appalled at some of the rude disgusting disrespectful comments on here. It angers me that people think they have the right to judge someone that served our country one of them being my son.


Really? It was on fb live dummy I’m sure someone came and got the fucking dog like tf??? Who says somthing like that ????


The dog will be fine for a week or two, it has plenty to eat 😛


I hope you found that very amusing matt


You a true pos. Remember you have family, could have been you or them! Careful how and what you say to people never know it might be you in these same shoes.

Last edited 9 days ago by Ladybug

This fucking guy. I know some of y’all have dark humor as Some of us do. But this is no dark humor, make jokes to maybe get a giggle out of someone time. This is heartbreaking as hell. We don’t know what he saw or experienced. My cousins friend who he served with committed suicide almost a month ago. If y’all have someone going through it. Make every second every minute of every day count. Rest In Peace Ronnie 🙏🏽


Ur fucking unreal. I can’t believe you or anyone could say something like that. This is the problem here w/ our youth & other people you have absolutely no respect, concern, compassion etc for anything now a days but urself & it’s so heartbreaking. Not a single person knows how they would handle what this man has gone through & was going through until they have too. You can all say he took the easy way out or whatever you want but you don’t know what he was feeling or going through. It’s so easy to sit there & pass… Read more »


Bro shut the fuck up


Yeah because a dog is more important than a human life right? Smfh And I’m sure someone actually took the dog by now.


Actually yea a dog is more important then any shitty ass human


an animal is dependant on its owner and loves them and has a very high loyalty to them especially dogs. for me its not that they are more important its the fact that they dont know whats going on or why their person is gone or why their world is changing.

Nonya business

I can only help but wonder if his dog licked the blood up…this was disgusting and very cowardly to do it where everyone in the world can see it.


Exactly. First thing I thought was that poor dog


clearly you are the type that give a shyt more about stupid fvkin dogs than people and yet you are part of the problem of humanity that you have a problem with that creates people like me saying this shyt in a reply. Go build a dog shelter and help out that way and stfu




That’s what he wanted so oh well.


i want you to suck a dick you bitch ass nigga


That’s what I’m sayin phill don’t feel sad for someone that wanted it js



Michele Brown

TAKE this down


This made me so sick


So why the fuck did you watch it idiots


Seriously! Those idiots

not a mcnutt

I’d kill myself too if my last name was mcnutt

Julie Adsit

You heartless piece of shit anyone that thinks this shit is funny or can make rude comments like this duck you maybe you should shoot yourself


But his/her last name is not mcnutt lol


My mom and brothers last name is Mcnutt wtf that gotta do with anything asshole!!!


I really thought it was a hoax… sorry to the family for their loss.


The way he manipulated the situation and said oh so that’s how it is. Like it’s her fault. I hope whoever was on the phone with him knows it wasn’t their fault. I hope they don’t feel like if they would have done this or that he’d still be around. That guy made his own decision and probably really fucked up quite a few people for a while over that stupid choice. 
That was the tell tale sign of domestic abuse that he showed before he made his final decision. I hope the right people know that.


probably was her fault or whoever was on the other line tbh


It is her fault she probably was a cheating whore

Niggerbob Brownpants

Suck a dick you sexist faggot


Pretty fucking awesome tho 😂😂 hey guys bam 💥 💀💀💀


1 thats super sad and super fucked up 2 i feel bad for his family 3 i hope is dog is somewhere safe loved and happy


He did it on purpose? Like herreally meant to? Wasn’t just goofing around or pretending?

Usmc bill

It’s not a coward act at all it’s a selfish act cuz at the time your only thinking of yourself and not your loved ones.. trust me ptsd is real and it haunts me also…


All he wanted was for the person on the phone to affirmation to live for


I’m sick and tired of these motherfuckers that can’t just take on the challenges of life! It’s a coward way to go! They take the easy way out and they let all the family and friends to suffer for them to deal with the burden of having to bury them! It’s a very selfish act and very unfair to others whom have to survive! I have lost a lot of good friends to this shit and it gets old. It’s very sad but nonetheless they lose respect points from me! Fucking quitters!

ur mum

then don’t just stand and watch your friends die just to complain about it. check up on them. i’d like to see how you handle a couple dark intrusive thoughts.


Very mind blowing to say the least yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Holy shit, I feel bad laughing at that.
I want to be upset with you, but damn.


I find this very disrespectful bc this guys this warrior fought for us and you just showing everyone online i know i might be 14 but I have respect for people who live for us so think abt it


Rest in peace Mr Mcnutt may you never have to suffer the pain you expierenced here on this Earth again 💜

Jeffrey kimmich

Very sad. Always here if someone needs to talk. We gotta look out for each other. Reach out plz. I care^


Poor doggy🥺

Seiji Tamanaha

That’s hella fucked up. The dog, why’d he have to put the dog through that? Not even his best friend could do anything to save him. My condolences to that man and his dog. May you finally find Rest In Peace.

Kim Snow

That is so frickin sad!

I'm disguted

I’m 14 and I really just fucking threw up.😳


Bruh….. Take that video off…

Niggerbob Brownpants

Dont be selfish like him, he hadda life and a family to take care of and he was to much a coward to do it, I recognize he was in the army and for that I commend him, but as for the taking of your own life, dont be like him stay strong.


Are you really assuming that he had a life and family, and what was he being cowardly about?

Aside from that, getting PTSD was in no way his choice, war is hell.


I honestly feel bad for the person on the phone and the dog. But he fr just shot himself. I honestly hope heaven is better for him then being here irl was. Rip.


Got damn fool


Finally found the video… Welp, now I know why they would have wanted to censor it…


Coward move I think it takes more guts to off your self then to keep letting the real people who hate all of us fuck us in the ASS Daily question how many of the people of this comment section wear there covid 19 compliance mask yeah that’s what I thought fucking cowards keep this video up if this shit hurts your feelings then sad for you cause YOU AIN’T SEEN SHIT YET

Last edited 5 days ago by SexyWater

What the fuck did I just read? Learn how to use a fucking comma at least.



ronniw mcnutt stupid

yea he going 2 hell

ronnie mcnutt stupid

Bruh this guy is retarded and selfish for killing himself, he is going to hell. the bible says it


Obviously you do not read the Bible now do you? Who are you to condemn this man to hell? A pastor of a church once told me that he does not believe that if you take your own life your going to hell cause God knows the hell you went through on earth! The only unforgivable sin is not believing in god!!!!


Can please take this down is so disrespectful to his family here and his friends that are still grieving his loss


😳 wow

Crystal Moore

I am ao sorry for your loss we all fight with our demons i am now anx this is a serious matter we cant help we callimg out for help but its a jome to everyone and im sorry foe your loss its unpredictable…. may god bless you and your lived ones



  • Lol splat

Tbh, Ya”ll he clearly wanted the internet to see his death, I don’t know why people trying to take it down. Once it’s on the internet it’s never gone. Just give up trying to take down the clip, Ronnie Mcnutt wanted everybody to see it clearly. What he did was his decisions, no one could help him, It was his time to go. I already saved the clip on my computer and phone I love the video, so perfect.


No seriously that is sick, yes he wanted everyone to see, but loving the video? What is up with your head?!

None of yo buis

This is something that no family should go threw he was somebody’s son. And no matter how he was feeling at that time he was loved.Mental illness is nothing to joke or laugh at having this video up is so disrespectful please take it down I didnt know him or his family I only know what I’ve been threw dealing with mental health issues and there’s nothing more painful than losing a child that no longer wants to live, please take it down


I think this shit is fake.. if it was live they can still do some twiching in shit but u can clearly say when hes talking and he clicks he puts the gun in his chin but b4 he shoots it stays still then the head seems like exploding and you may seen is real cuz the hoodsite link seems like its legit this shit is fake no doubt another propaganda so more people can commit suicide or take other peoples lives


What abt his family why hasn’t facebook removed this

Nina Selene

Some of you guys are extremely disrespectful! My fiancée is a 56 year old Marine Veteran who served diligently and honorably. He has mental health issues and I worry about him all the time. It’s okay okay to not be okay. Reach out to your loved ones with mental health issues, especially our Veterans. During these uncertain times, spreading love is needed.


How can you still be running this video? Don’t you know or understand what it is doing to people when it’s seen/thrown in your face! People who have struggled with suicide ideation and this puts some over the edge…please take this town!!!

Chupa Cabra

Looks yummy

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Black N.C. lawyer dragged on social media for saying that Kenneth could have shot Breonna, the system didn’t fail

A black North Carolina lawyer is being dragged for filth on social media after inserting her unfounded legal argument...

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