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  1. Hi
    I’m sure you’ve heard about the news story about a young mother being unlived by her boyfriend, and their 2yr old son being fed to the alligators in (St Petersburg FL). Well, the victims family asked my sister (Johna Howard) to sing at the funeral. One of the big time preachers (Wayne G Thompson) of (St Petersburg Florida), was heard mumbling under his breath on Fox 13 News, during the funeral, tell my sister (Johna Howard) to (Sit her Butt back down), right before she sang (Eye On The Sparrow). He then tried to butter it up after the song was over saying (We Thank God For Sis Howard). My sister’s name was on program to sing.
    This was totally unacceptable. The mayor, and the news outlets were there because of the news story.
    These preachers need to really be exposed, because they are not setting the example for the people.
    I strongly feel that Rev Thompson owes my sister, as well as this grieving family an apology for his actions.
    You can watch this on:
    Time Stamp (27:08)


  2. I pasted a link in one of your live feeds today trying to bring awareness and justice to a family in Halifax County that loss their daughter at a ranch party with hundreds of people and no one has been arrested. Maybe I don’t follow you enough to know that this act of posting the link was against the rules but I do follow enough to know that you get answers that law officials can’t. Now I’ve been blocked, if you don’t unblock me that’s fine but if you can look into this crime for the family it would be greatly appreciated, her name is Lashondia Hockaday .

  3. Hello Gerald, I need you to spread awareness, I watched your YouTube live today about Kevin Lemons, people across the world are “dying suddenly” this documentary shows how the “vaccine” is linked to these deaths, people are dying from heart attacks to strokes to weird blood disorders, the government is trying to hide it and cover it up, the documentary goes into great FACTUAL detail, please watch…..

  4. Gerald
    “Shank Rock’ on youtube is begging for you to be on his live. Can you please listen to his blog and possibly make an appearance.
    I am so tired of you being put down on these blogs. and i need help in defending you.


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