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Family of NC man say his death was a lynching, not a suicide

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No disrespect to anyone, but I am glad that we have a family who has the sense to know that their loved one did not commit suicide the way that he was found…

In February, I wrote a story about 26-year-old Gairy Kimber who was found hanging from a tree in Durham, North Carolina. Police said that Kimber killed himself, and his death was ruled a homicide. (Click HERE if you missed that)

I said this before, and I will say it again. I don’t believe that a BLACK man would run to a tree to kill himself….and that’s my opinion whether you like it or not!

Here we are again with police ruling another black man’s death as a suicide in a strange place.

On March 14, North Carolina-based truck driver Taemon Blair was found hanging inside the trailer of his truck. An autopsy confirmed that he died from asphyxia by hanging, which then prompted authorities to deem the manner of his death as a suicide, according to a report from the Allen County Coroner’s Office.

Blair’s older brother, Dee Smith said his brother finally got his life on track, landed a job driving trucks, and was expecting a newborn baby.

My brother finally got his life on track! He has a beautiful girlfriend. He also was having a baby. He landed a job driving 18 wheeler trucks. He went on the road to make money for his family. Now graduated with straight A’s, and a really good job, he was on the track of becoming a great man, Smith said.

Blair’s mother, Taesha Hunt, told local reporters that a detective called her and informed the family that foul play was possible in her son’s death. The detective also told her that Blair’s truck had been damaged.

According to Hunt, the detective said he “looked in the front seat and I see the radio kicked, the dashboard kicked in like somebody just beat it up.”

Blair’s family is asking for the case to be reopened though it has been closed by the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Smith also added that his brother was too tall (6’5″) to hang himself inside of the truck.

Blair’s death sparked King of The South Rapper T.I. to respond, read his response below:


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