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Employees at Domino’s pizza in Richlands concerned about possible covid-19 case in store

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Three employees of Domino’s Pizza located at 8106 Richlands Hwy, Richlands, NC 28574 have recently contacted The North Carolina Beat to report that a co-worker, who lives with his mother, an employee of a different Domino’s, has tested positive for COVID-19.

They are extremely concerned that management never informed them of this possible contact with the virus. They also have questions about why the restaurant wasn’t immediately closed and employees told to self-quarantine as per CDC guidelines.

We spoke with Buddy Carpenter, District Manager for all Onslow County Domino’s locations, who said that the employee made false statements and his mother was not actually sick. She has no symptoms, has not seen a doctor, aside from speaking to one via telephone, nor has she been ordered to be tested for COVID-19. All of the hearsay and misinformation has caused tremendous confusion at both Domino’s locations where the involved parties are employed. 

The other Domino’s location is located at 3311 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Carpenter told The North Carolina Beat that the woman’s son, Gabe Jones, came into the Richlands, North Carolina store and told the employees that his mom tested positive for the coronavirus. 

What he told our employees are simply not true, Carpenter said.

Both mother and son have been given time off to self-quarantine as a precaution and management is not discussing any type of termination or suspension despite the confusion in both stores, according to Carpenter.

One major question still remains:  If neither the mother or son are having symptoms associated with COVID-19, why were they ultimately given time off to self-quarantine? Was it to put other employees’ minds at ease or is management not being truthful about the matter in an attempt to remain open? 


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