Eastern NC woman scamming locals out of hundreds of dollars through rental scam

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At least 14 people in Eastern North Carolina have been scammed by a Jacksonville woman who puts her home up for rent online, create leases for people to sign, take their deposits, and run off with their money, leaving some with nowhere to go.

I wouldn’t say these people ignored red signs because 42-year-old Jessica Cox Beers was a mastermind at this. She did everything anyone who would rent their home would do. Beers and those interested would be in constant communication, she toured them through her home, and when the “customer” was satisfied, she would send them a lease to sign through DocuSign and they would send her money various ways.

Jessica Cox Beers

In North Carolina, residential lease agreements do not need to be notarized, according to iPropertyManagement. “As long as the contract exists and both parties have agreed to it, it is legally binding and it does not have to be notarized. Of course, the landlord and tenant can agree to have the lease notarized if they wish, but it is not required.”

Asjiah West is one of Beers victims.

West tells The North Carolina Beat that on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, she and Beers started communicating about the home located on Decatur Rd. in Jacksonville, North Carolina. (Beers Is The Owner Of The Home, According To Deed Records) West said she met with Beers, and toured the home the next day, Thursday, June 30. Later that day, West said she paid Beers the security deposit. 

West said Beers told her that there was “one more thing” that needed to be fixed in the home and if she could pay for it, she would be allowed to move into the home on Friday, July 15. On Thursday, July 14, West paid the money for the repairs and picked up the keys. On Friday, July 15, after driving back to Jacksonville for two hours, West arrives at the home to find that the keys she was given by Beers the previous day, does not work.

West says Beers did not answer the phone when she called and when she did answer, she  claimed she was in the hospital but agreed to pay for all of the expenses due to the inconvenience and that West wouldn’t be able to move in until that following Monday, July 18.

Beers and West never had any more contact after that. 

West said she started receiving messages on Facebook from other people about being scammed by Beers

The rush to get settled in before my daughter starts kindergarten may have clouded my judgement but in know way did I ever think this would have happened to me, West said.


As of Sunday, July 17, Beers was in the Onslow County Jail on 14 Counts of Obtaining Property By False Pretenses and her bond was set at $72,000.

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You Can't Afford To Miss A Story On The NCBEAT!

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