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Durham NC Pastor George Bloomer of Bethel Life Family Worship Center accused of “embezzlement”

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(Durham, North Carolina)- Bishop George Bloomer of Bethel Life Family Worship Center in Durham is being accused of embezzling money from The Word Network, a religious broadcasting network, based in Detroit, Michigan.

A lot of controversy has been surrounding Bishop Bloomer lately, which is not something that you would normally correlate with a man of God. Said controversy is due to some of Bishop Bloomer’s actions, which may have gotten him in Lodebar, a low place, according to the bible.

Rumor has it that the Durham based Bishop has been stealing money from The Word Network, according to one of his critics, 7000 Club Bishop, Earl Carter.

Bishop Carter said in a YouTube video on Friday that it was reported to him that Bishop Bloomer was being paid a HUGE salary by The Word Network for his show, “Rejoice In The Word “, but, got greedy. Bishop Carter said that he would charge guests on his show a certain price and pocket the money for himself instead of turning it over to the network, where it rightfully belongs.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: (The video will start at the 40:00 mark.)

However, Bloomer has been doing damage control and has basically taken control of this situation by telling his supporters that he quit the network, but some say that he doesn’t want the truth to get out.

Bishop Bloomer allegedly quit the network, because the owner, Kevin Adell, retweeted the below picture to his many followers.

The photo The Word Network owner Kevin Adell retweeted.

Bloomer claimed that he told the network’s owner several times that the picture wasn’t good and not to do it again, but, he did, according to The Old Black Church Blog.

Many who followed Bloomer’s ministry over the years say he is a pimp in the pulpit, and that the picture retweeted by the owner of the religious network explains who he is as a so-called Man of God and is NOT the reason he left the network.

Bishop Bloomer may have escaped criminal charges since he basically robbed a “Christian” network and its owner. However, he may not have been so lucky had it been a regular network or business.



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