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Charges against North Carolina blogger accused of making a fake twitter account of minor dismissed

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An Onslow County District Court Judge dismisses charges against controversial North Carolina Blogger.

On October 30, 2018, I, Gerald Jackson was frivolously arrested and charged with cyberbullying a minor, a crime that I DID NOT commit.

According to the crooked Onslow County Sheriff’s Department,

On September 23, 2018, Onslow County Sheriff’s Office received a report from an individual that there was a fake Twitter account which displayed a photograph of a 16-year-old family member. The message under the female’s photo was that she was being molested by her father.

Investigation into the report by the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) detective revealed that the Twitter page was set up and maintained by Gerald Jackson. After the case was reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office, a warrant was issued for Jackson, who was arrested October 29, 2018. He was taken before a magistrate and charged with Cyberbullying.

Darryl Lawrence, a detective with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department, was the arresting officer in the case, and in court, on Monday he testified that he could not prove that I made the alleged account used in the bullying of the minor in question.

One may be curious as to how Detective Lawrence and the Onslow County District Attorney’s office come to the conclusion that I made the aforementioned account as there was no evidence to prove that I was involved in any way. The only reason I was suspected was because of the “history” that myself and the father of the minor have and not because I actually committed the crime. They did this not in the interest of justice, but because they are crooked, sheisty people and I fully intend on exposing every wrongful arrest and conviction that they have been involved in during their time in their respective positions.

I was represented by Terence Barber of The Barber Law Firm, PLLC, located at 625 College St, Jacksonville, NC 28540. Mr. Barber told the court that the charges against me could not be proven, and because the burden of proof falls on the state, they failed in their latest witch hunt against me. He also noted that the father of the minor was not tormented nor annoyed, based off his 133 tweets targeting me, by myself.

The Honorable Judge Carol Jones addressed the court and stated that there was not sufficient evidence that I created the account of the minor child and the state failed to meet the elements of the charges. She, without hesitation, dismissed the case.

Her decision came after the state presented three witnesses to the court, none of whom had evidence that I made the alleged account.

The alleged victim (not the minor) in the case was represented by an emotional prosecutor, Caroline Wahoff. She is the kind of prosecutor who doesn’t know how to adequately do her job, let alone win a case with dignity and integrity, something a woman in her position should ALWAYS have.

There was a lot of time and money wasted, at the taxpayers expense, in this case and I can only hope that in the future that the parties involved choose to use their power to arrest and convict ACTUAL criminals who are a danger to our community rather than continually harassing me because they do not agree with my opinions and political views.

OAN: Something that I am very good at presenting is below… a.k.a. the FACTS:

Court document showing charges dismissed.


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