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Carolina Rehab Center of Cumberland in Fayetteville accused of elderly neglect and death

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Carolina Rehab Center of Cumberland in Fayetteville, North Carolina is under fire for elder neglect which resulted in the death of a resident.

Susan Smith Bullock said that her 70-year-old mother was a resident at Carolina Rehab until her untimely passing which was caused by the extreme neglect she suffered at the hands of the very people who were supposed to be caring for her.

Bullock told The North Carolina Beat that her mother had been having stomach issues in early December of 2018. Her mother (whose name we will not release out of respect for the family) was taken to First Health Hoke and later transferred to First Health of Pinehurst where she was diagnosed with and treated for gastrointestinal problems.

She was released from FHH with a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH on December 28, 2018, and transferred to Carolina Rehab in order to regain her strength and her ability to care for herself so that she could return to her independent life at home.

Bullock said that while her mother was at Carolina Rehab, rather than her health IMPROVING so that she could be discharged to her home, her health 100% DECLINED.

Bullock’s mother would complain about having chest pains and needing to be changed but would be ignored by staff when she called for help. Several complaints about the mistreatment of her mother were made, including a complaint specifying that her mother was having 5 or more bowel movements a day. All of the complaints were never addressed by staff members, including the administration.

On January 9, 2019, Bullock received a phone call from her aunt informing her that her mother had fallen yet she was not notified, at the time of the fall, by the facility, which is against the rules set forth by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) for all skilled nursing facilities in the state. Her aunt told her that her mother looked bad and that she needed to get to the facility as soon as possible. When she arrived her mother’s nurses told Bullock that she had fallen around 6:30 a.m. that morning yet Bullock wasn’t notified until about 5 p.m. that day after she got to the facility.

Upon arrival, Bullock witnessed her mother suffering from labored breathing, she was slumped in her bed, and her vital signs were at critical levels.

Bullock had the facility to 911 to have her mother transported to First Health Hoke. From there she was transferred to First Health Pinehurst where she later died.

They let her lay there from the time she fell until I got there being ignorant not realizing all day that she could be hurt from her fall and not taking notice to her labored breathing.

Bullock’s mother laid in a bed at Carolina Rehab all day, dying, and not one CNA or nurse did anything to help her. CNAs are required to do patient safety checks at least every 2 hours. Nurses are required to do the same at least once after each med pass. After a fall, vital signs are required to be checked IMMEDIATELY followed by rechecks every 15 minutes for an hour. It is also required that the nurse in charge, Director of Nursing, Administrator and facility doctor be notified of a fall, an incident report completed as soon as patient safety is ensured and the family be notified as well.

Why were these protocols not followed?

Bullock said the facility admitted to the neglect of her mother and offered to replace her mother’s lost cell phone. The replacement of a “lost” cellphone is not going to replace the life of Ms. Bullock’s mother.

According to Bullock, NCDHHS is investigating the incident. When there is a death at a facility such as this, a team of investigators will show up and go through all of the medical records, incident reports, other paperwork with a fine-toothed comb. They will also interview staff, other residents and any family members who may be there visiting a loved one. They will stay for an average of 3 days in order to do the most thorough investigation possible.

This is not the first time this facility has aided in the death of other residents. Read some of their Facebook reviews below:

Carolina Rehab Center of Cumberland has removed their recommendations where you can no longer leave a rating. They also removed all negative comments from their posts. At this TIME, we encourage everyone to leave a GOOGLE REVIEW and call them out on their DISGUSTING behavior!! Click HERE to leave your GOOGLE REVIEW! 


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9 thoughts on “Carolina Rehab Center of Cumberland in Fayetteville accused of elderly neglect and death

  1. Thank you for letting the world know about the rehabilitation home that caused my sister’s death..She was loved and left a family who loved her dearly. I hate to see anyone else suffer like she did..

  2. My wife placed her mother; who is in late stage Alzheimer’s, in Carolina Rehab a couple of years ago. Moved her in late on a Friday. Went back on Saturday early afternoon. Found her laying in bed covered in feces and the bed soaked in urine. We’re informed that as she had checked in late the night before they didn’t realize she was there. We gave them the benefit of the doubt. Went back Sunday after church and found her in bed covered again in feces and her bed again soaked in urine. We moved her out Monday morning into Bethesda in Eastover. Best move ever. They take such awesome care of her.

  3. Basically same thing happened to my mother at Whispering Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation on Country Club Road in Fayetteville in August 2011. They were cited on two counts of neglect by NCDHHS, however, nothing ever happened to the facility that I am aware of. Sad to hear of this in another rehab.

  4. This facility is just one nursing facility in Cumberland County, Fayetteville, NC that is known to severely neglect their patients causing suffering, allow patients to suffer and deteriorate needlessly, and does not attend or assist with proper hygiene and safety. The elderly are living in conditions that are unsanitary and dangerous. They are stripped of dignity. My mother and other residents suffer with severe neglect on a daily basis and it is overlooked. This is the second facility she has been in with extremely poor standards of care and complaints to authorities, nursing, and administrative staff as well as the State of NC, which are fruitless. The government offices not performing their duties and overlooking matters of concern including inaccurate, manipulated, neglectful recordkeeping, injury, deaths, filth, deliberate under staffing, unqualified staffing, poor maintenance, abuse, patient neglect, law breaking, disrespect for patients and families, etc. etc., are very much to blame for the poor deadly treatment many of our elderly in the state of NC are receiving. When one organization operates several facilities with severe neglect, management and care issues one would expect the Local, State and Federal goverment would acknowledge deficiencies and take action.

  5. People are being knocked off all over the USA. The Medicare Shared Savings Program rewards doctors and hospitals to terminate people to stop the use of their very own money in their Social Security accounts. Most times they make death look like natural causes, but when you repeatedly see massive bruising and teeth knocked out, it becomes clear that your loved one has had a hit taken out on him/her. They have stealthfully killed all the elder babyboomer parents, so now they are knocking us off. I worked in medicine for 34 years at a major university, but after the way they stalked and finally killed my Dad, and medically kidnapped my Uncle to kill him, I don’t see anyone but alternative medical providers now. Now they have recently stiffened the rules about readmitting a patient from a Skilled Nursing Facility to an acute care facility within 30 days. It had already been recognized that killing a patient is cheaper than being penalized for returning a relapsing patient to an acute care hospital. But now it is even worse. With the horrid care these hospitals give, like Kindred Hospital, the patient will go there to die, not go home. Don’t even get me started on the illegal guardianships, balance billing and suing the estate and family for nonpayment of bills for medical incarceration. Everyone is in on this. The reporting agencies, police, lawyers, judges are all in on this. It is all part of Agenda 21/30 eugenics program (have you ever read the Georgia Guidestones??? You should). Everyone needs to spread the word so we can stop this genocide/geriatricide.

  6. Take a law suit out on them. I stayed there last year in October after having a total left knee replacement its probably a good thing I didn’t stay there as long as I should have.

  7. I’m not saying anyone deserves cruelty or neglect but why are we putting our love ones in these facilities instead of getting them home health care where they can get more attention & support. Insurance pays for that as well & if your insurance doesn’t pay for it then maybe it’s time to look into other insurance options. The CNAs were totally wrong for not calling the daughter when the mother fell @ 6:30 a.m. but you mean no family member called or visited before 5:30 p.m. My dad is 73 and we are looking into assistant living for him- I call this man every morning, afternoon, & night. Take him food, run him around, or just sit with him. I work 2 jobs. You make time for what’s important to you. Prayers for your family.

    1. You cannot criticize families for putting family members into care centers. I am 72 and find it amazing that a 73 year old is being put into a facility…so everyone has a different story. I was rearended by a woman driving an SUV while texting. My back was screwed up. We put my Dad into a home for temporary care. They did not feed him properly and he developed horrible bed sores. They made sure that he couldn’t walk, and sat him in a chair for long periods of time…plus we were lied to about everything. He was not allowed to walk so lost his strength. To get his bed sore healed, he was given a g-tube plus oral feeding of his home cooked favorites. While we did that he was flourishing! My brother and I got sick and couldn’t visit him for four days. He was starved and dehydrated while we were sick (classic Liverpool Care Pathway). They said he had pneumonia and would do better on a short term trach. They were supposed to take it out after about a week. Instead Hoag Hospital transferred him to the hell hole Kindred Hospital where their admission forms stated they wanted him in hospice. My Dad was stronger and had better labs than any of their docs had. But instead of allowing him to heal and go home, it was one assault after another…never taking that horrible trach out….enabling Kindred to collect from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. They had no intention of allowing Dad to continue living his very active senior lifestyle. It was organized crime…a cabal of murder to collect that money. It will be far worse on the babyboomers, as it appears many procedures will not be allowed to be performed after age 72. And yes. The Death Panels are real! I know our doctors that flew to DC with Hillary Clinton to set them up many years ago. They were included in Obamacare and Trumps plan, as well. This elder abuse horror must end!

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